Question: What spec to level as a Priest?

An open question to the Priest and/or wow player community: What spec to level from 70 to 80, and is a version of Disc a valid choice?

Certainly not pure Holy, as the damage output is pretty low. And the popular wiki/blog opinion from the 60-70 days was to take Shadow with a smattering of other talents. OK, but maybe Wrath has changed that.

Then a mate said yesterday, why not choose a Discipline built and mix in some holy. It works for pvp. Which makes sense as pvp is all about doing damage and surviving, which sounds to me also like a blueprint for pve leveling: get kills without dying.

It also got me thinking that a dps priest can fight for instance spots like anyone else, but a healing priest can pop into LFG and get runs very very fast. A lot faster than a Death Knight, as most groups already have at least one plate wearer, and often a DK.

So should I spec Dis/ Holy, and ping the instances to get my levels? Certainly will get some good drops if every day I’m in an instance.

If you’ve done this, or know of some stories of success and failure, I’d love to know about them. Your advice is appreciated and needed.


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  1. Actually holy is not half bad. Dwarf Priest got a sort of leveling guide. Holy being one of the specs:

    I leveled as holy from 65 to 80 and almost never had downtime with a spec similar to his (in great part due to Spirit Tap).

    I also never had problems finding instance groups. That was important to me as WotLK had just been released and I wanted to experience all the content. Do note that many holy talents actually improve your holy-dps as well.

    So to sum up I think holy is good if you want to solo but still want to perform well in a healing role in a group.

  2. I leveled 70-80 mostly Holy with points spent in disc enough to get imp fortitude and just 2 points for the spirit tap. The spells were different than what I used leveling from 60-70(was shadow at the time), but the end result was rather the same, in that I was able to take the mobs down quickly enough, and had little downtime. I looked at the Discipline tree, and unless you have leveled a protection warrior pre-wotlk and liked it, this seems to me that it would be more like boring the mob to death. I could be wrong. I haven’t tried it yet.

    I still solo on my Holy priest, and the only complaint my husband ever hears is when someone creeps up on me and ganks me 🙂 If I’m paying attention, it’s usually a pretty even fight.

  3. Holy is slow. I like being Holy because I can heal an incredible amount, but the drink time after DPS when solo’ing is draining. Kill, kill, drink, drink, (repeat).

    And you’re stuffed if you want to solo a mob that is tough, or if you have to fight 3 mobs, especially if they are fear immune.

  4. Oh missed this post the first time.

    Try this Disc build:

    Solos with no down time (thanks to Spirit Tap) and can still heal fine.

    At 75 I swapped to this:

    No Spirit Tap, but pretty much no downtime. you can chain kill about 10 things before you need to use ShadowFiend. Kill about 10 more things and then you might ened to drink. Happens rarely though. I’m still using this build for healing raids, although soon I’ll swap to a “proper” raid healing build without Reflective Shield.

    Both builds are very hard to kill in PvE soloing. No idea about PvP.

    As a healer you get groups very easy.

  5. Whoa – I was going to take tonight off WoW, but instead I’ll be re-specing; then burning mobs to test. Thanks Bob!

    I’m at 74 now, so I’ll have a look at which to jump into, it might be worth going straight to the one you’ve recommended at 75 and just miss a point somewhere, although not sure I’m ready for a Penance build.

  6. I re-speced to almost all the 74 version, and chose to put a few less points in Improved Spirit. Its made mana better, but as I’m a mana whore I think I’ll still put more talent points into getting mana regen as I ding.

    Mana for me is a bucket that I empty as fast as possible into the nasty monster via damage spells. So mana regen is nice to support that silly attitude. Healing wise the use of discipline looks good, and the regen allowed within the tree is very clever. I’ll ave to pop into LFG and find a pug to test it out.

  7. Its made a difference. The mana return is slightly higher, and that means faster kills. I can’t tell if that will hold when I get to mobs that are level+1, +2; but for the -2, -1s that I’m killing now, its cake.

    And thats with only 1 pt in spirit regen. When the return chance is 100% rather than 33% I think I’ll be unstoppable on single target kills. Imagine the same return in shadow…../drool.

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