The old days – silly

This was a pretty good reminder of the old days before the Death Knight took my heart away from Paladins.

Some days I miss my Paladin Tank

Some days I miss my Paladin Tank

Tired of lol-speak

I’m tired of the overuse of lol-speak terms, and thankfully I’m not the only one. WarAnvil has the same opinion.

We need a WoW Forum parser that functions like the Blue Tracker, except it drops any posts that have too many lol-speak terms.

I think after that ran I’d be able to read the official forums in under a minute, as two pages is very quick to read.

Want Bind to Guild and Guild Achievements, sign up here…

banner1We have Bind to Account items (BtA predicted), and personal achievements for characters now, and these are really cool features. The attaining of achievements has become more than a “grats” opportunity and many players relish the experience of gathering as many as possible.

Other players view these as distractions, and if you’re such a player then please return later as you’re not going to like what is following.

The next step in evolving and broadening the player experience is making Bind to Guild (BtG) items, and Guild Achievements (GAs) included in the game as well. A Guild is a fundamental choice for a massive selection of the WoW community (my opinion), but we have not seen an advance in treatment of Guilds in the same manner as we have seen in Characters.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no gripe; I just want to push for more.

As a start lets look at the pros and cons:


  • more ass-hattery bragging
  • will make us spend more time getting these
  • opportunity for betrayal


  • all the against items apply here
  • a definitive way to reflect and reward the dedication to a Guild as different from the dedication of a player.
  • tangible in-game items, that only your Guild can use
  • roleplaying potential is significant

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New Year Resolution: Game On

Now that the 2 week hiatus enforced by a trip away over Christmas and New Years is over, I can look forward to a 2009 full of gankage, qq, rofl, and all other things that are the cornerstones of playing World of Warcraft.

My new years resolutions are:
– pay my 500g debt (thanks again Rakk)
– get back in the game
– become a regular raider, by booking in the time in advance. For this some of my real life typical misadventures will have to be rescheduled
– level an Alt in the off times, but remain focused on my Death Knight main. In the short term that means not doing anything like an alt until I have Mining and Blacksmith topped out, and all the greens gear is gone and properly enchanted.

Epic Flying Dead Chicken

The few hours I spent playing over the holidays were not wasted. Thanks to a guildie for the loan – I have an epic speed Undead Chicken for my Death Knight.

Mortigen will enjoy the speed, and imho the only mount a Death Knight should get is the Undead Chicken/Gryphon, till you at least have one of the cool drakes from rep or instances. A regular epic flyer is just not trying.

That makes 4x epics and my first epic flyer in Northrend (and a 500g debit).