Character Sigs that update automatically?

For Mort’s tag I’ve chosen to use; till I find one that can auto-update from the Armory data. I really like the DK art they’ve gathered together and maybe the reason that the stats are not what I see in game are due to talents.

Anyone know of a service that creates sigs and tags straight from within the game, and saves them into a LUA?

5 thoughts on “Character Sigs that update automatically?

  1. A quick google found a few posts about Magelo running with WoW, and implied that it might be an app you could get banned for. I’ll stay away from it.

  2. You might be interested to try WoW Sage at It’s a new character management tool and allows you to load your character off the armory and modify gear, talents, buffs, etc. It runs offline from WoW so shouldn’t have issues like Magelo

  3. Seems that the ZeTBit sigs do actually update. I certainly didn’t have 30% Crit when I made that sig, and its showing that now.

    I skimmed through the WoW Sage website, and I don’t understand what they are offering that you don’t get from the Armory or something like WoW Heroes. Not to mention that they only have a handful of classes listed as having advice for, and the Death Knight is not even listed. Its not like DKs are anything new anymore.

    It also contains no screenshots or evidence of any of its claims.

    It also looks to be paid software, which while not a real barrier, does mean that the value proposition has to be x10 times higher. There is also no mention of how much you pay after the 30 day code.

    Lastly its Windows based, which is a barrier for me while my boss is giving me a free Mac.

  4. As far I’m aware all classes and levels are in for statistic (Strength, Health, Crit chances, defensive chances, etc) calculation. This includes loading different gear onto your character and is the real difference from the armory. Plus their modeling accuracy is very good. I agree the site is a bit ambiguous in its explanation.

    There is a little demo video available at the site under the Support tab.

    I haven’t heard anything about the cost since they mention they are still in beta. The license keeps working for now.

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