I like DK dps upgrades

Another good few days and I’ve been helped along with the never ending upgrade path.

This has made a significant difference to my base combat stats, and also the associated damage/dps I can create. Not ultra-cool as yet, but certainly nice if I concentrate. Its plausible that my AP will break 3000 soon and already at over 26% crit. The next major hurdle I need to get over is my use of a rotation and when to use abilities. Training wheels here I come.

The gear was:

  • an incredible Ring: Titanium Impact Band, for dps – but I have to put a darn +hit gem into it so that I can reduce miss while the other gear improves. This ring is darn good. Only negative is the Armour Pen, which I don’t rate.
  • a nice Ring: Ring of Scarlet Shadows, for dps – which while not as cool as the Titamium Impact is still an upgrade and especially good as it allows a gem within it too. I gemed for +8 hit/stam, so to also get the socket bonus of +8 AP; but will most likely juts drop 8AP bonus and put in a +16 hit gem.
  • an OK change of Gloves: Plate Claws of the Daron. Which while sounding godlike, are not awesome but still a very clear improvement on the rubbish quest reward I was using.
  • a new Cloak: Cloak of Bloodied Feathers, that is the best in slot for pve before Naxx and badge gear. Worthy of a good AP enchant I’ll be chasing over the weekend.
  • and a week ago I grabbed a new Neck: Pendant of the Outcast Hero. Its not perfect, but again so cheap for badges.

Three of the four items were gifts, so my take home message is: be nice to your guild-mates. I owe a few of them pretty big.

(yes, one of those “I gots new loots” posts)

2 thoughts on “I like DK dps upgrades

  1. Thats harsh Omen – Int on your dps gear is just a crying shame, but then only a crazy man would say No to an upgrade, even if it is a quirky one.

    Better the gloves with Int go to you than get DE’ed.

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