Death Knight Gear and Spec update

This weekend I was able to play for more than a few hours, and it was glorious. Six noteworth changes that brought a smile to my face.

1) New Death Knight spec

After an expensive (because Corpse Dust is 50s each) and frustrating (because I knew I could do better, but was confused) first run in Naxx I decided that Unholy/Blood was not for me in the short term, and re-spec’ed to focus on Blood. 2H Blood seems to be single target dps, and while I know full well it is inferior to Unholy 2Weapon or 2H – it appeals. I’ve gone for 51/13/7, for no other reason than the early Unholy talents are ok, and the later Frost did not seem to add anything significant. I’m not claiming the spec is perfect, but it does work.

Blood with a smattering of Frost and Unholy is more enjoyable to play than heavy Unholy. Its a little simplier, and you feel like you have a much better control of what and where you’re hitting. Unholy AoE is wonderful, but Unholy did AoE even when you didn’t want to, and the Ghoul is a situational pet now, so I don’t feel silly if I don’t use it. Its also great to use when a humaniod drops, as the DK feel is meant for this.

The upcomming patch will alter the class enough for me to review the spec again, but till then I’m happy.

2) New gear, from Guild folks and drops

Past 9 days have been upgrade days.

I still need to get the Bracers and Boot enchanted, but thats cheap by comparison to the mats the guild-folk spent for the Helm and Bracers.

3) Death Knight patch changes, in 3.0.8
In their current (updated) form we’re getting nurfed. These are not bad changes, and as wonderful as the experience of DK has been so far, I expected to get adjusted downward. I hope the Death Knight changes will be handled in a professional manner, and we’ll see small micro-changes to follow. If they got it right. If we get lucky.

What I expect to see is thousands of posts about how its not far enough, and other DKs foretelling doom of the class. We will see what they finally equate to when the patch is actually deployed and till then everyone should stop panicking. Save your hissy fit till after its real.

Or go back to whatever class you played before Death Knight, and leave the rest of us alone. Either way, STFU.

4) DeathNoobs, DeathTards, and all the other names.

The question that I ask when folks are griping about DK-noobs is am I one of those. Its a given that most folks think they are not, but its worth asking the question of yourself just in case. Keep yourself honest.

A handy checklist is at The Sourge and a few comments at Skeleton Jack – but face it folks we know the truth: you add a new class to WoW and you’ll see everyone try it. A large proportion will be terrible. Just like every Blood Elf was a fool, and most Jewelcrafters didn’t know their craft at all. Time will sort out the NoobTards from the rest.

The bad players will suck the same no matter what toon they play, and when they play a Hunter, Rogue, or Death Knight they have access to some really irritating abilities. I pug’ed Heroic with a Rogue in better gear than my upgraded set last night, who did not break 850 dps in any fight. That player failed.

5) Mining from 290 to 400, and Blacksmith from 250 to 275.

This takes ages. The weekends efforts in Mining was pleasing, and now I’m at least able to mine the nodes in and around the end quest areas. Getting to 425 Mining is not a huge deal for me, but breaking 400 was very satisfying.

Blacksmith is a prick to level, especially if you want to also do the crafting specialisations.

6) The Rocket Chicken Approves! (silly)

I had not noticed the Rocket Chicken in Booty Bay before, but darn me its odd. Rocket Chicken may well become my stamp for silly posts.


This badboy gets 25 miles per gallon of goblin rocket fuel. No wonder the price of fuel is high.