New mount for Shadow Priests? (silly)

A proud Shadow Priest will always want to let those around them know they’re Shadow.

What should a car look like when its Shadow spec?

What should a car look like when its Shadow spec?

Therefore the gear, weapons, and especially mounts should reflect that. So if a Shadow Priest player was looking for a pimped out car, they’d be all over something that had Shadow stamped on it.

The *cough* awesome Shadow Car after the break.

And a warning its no less odd that the Rage car found a while back which has very little to do with Warriors or Druid Bears.

Why is it that my eye catches words like Shadow, Rage, and such and pipes WoW straight into my brain…?

I know, thats darn odd, but maybe this is what was cool back in the day?

Not what I had in mind

Not what I had in mind

2 thoughts on “New mount for Shadow Priests? (silly)

  1. I’d really like to see Priests get something good and special as a mount. Wings have always made sense to me, but perhaps that is too extreme. šŸ™‚

    At least a Shadow Fiend (great thought pugnacious). Or a mount like a Pegasus, to reflect the divine influence of Priests.

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