Tired of lol-speak

I’m tired of the overuse of lol-speak terms, and thankfully I’m not the only one. WarAnvil has the same opinion.

We need a WoW Forum parser that functions like the Blue Tracker, except it drops any posts that have too many lol-speak terms.

I think after that ran I’d be able to read the official forums in under a minute, as two pages is very quick to read.

8 thoughts on “Tired of lol-speak

  1. Its the whole 4chan lolfail speak which seems to have spilled big time into WoW. Even in game you only need wait a few mins inside any major city and /2 will be full of the crap.

    Really makes me think if its worth playing a game with some many plebs!

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  3. If you could also include the phrase “Dear Ghostcrawler, I hate you.” and “GC plz respond” in my parse I’d appreciate it.

  4. @Nim, That would probably get rid of the last two pages too. 😉

    @Grimhammer, I hate the trade rubbish too, and also the LFG’ers who thing that Trade will get them better results than LFG. Huh?

  5. If you want help making that parser I’m in! And the trade channel idiocy with looking for groups beggars belief really. I’ve not once seen anyone respond to calls for a healer in Trade. Madness.

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