Gaming kills your education? Bullshit.

If games negatively affected school performance that drastically, I’d still be in Primary School.

An FCC Commissioner made a silly comment about games and drop-outs, and WoW Commoner has a nice write-up. Go read, bookmark the blog, then lets continue.

You might find it alarming that one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the U.S. is online gaming addiction – such as World of Warcraft – which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide.

Arrrg, c’mon folks:
(a) most drop-outs have nothing to do with a person’s hobby. Get some stats on how good the course is, or money, family, drugs, relationships as causes; then tell me where mmo or other games are on the list.
(b) get some stats period! Not just a general feeling, then step to the podium.

Blaming a computer game is like shooting fish in a barrel, as nobody who isn’t involved really understands or cares. Blame the ones who nobody understands is a great political tool used since cavemen started having elections.

I hold a good job in IT Project Management, have a degree, and was working on my Masters degree until family got in the way. And I have a level 80 Death Knight, and have been playing for years.

And if we do see a drop-out try to blame their status on a computer game, then look a little deeper into their background. I think you’ll find a lot of evidence that the person was not a perfect a-grade student before they played a few sessions of WoW. Its the Matrix being blamed for school shootings, or Dungeons and Dragons for a kid getting stabbed.

How about this:

Chess is the root cause of all violence and competition in modern society… Most leadership types love it, its a tactical game with only 3 outcomes, and its been around a darn long time.

Such pure asshattery can only be the result of a milliner taking a job in a sewage plant. Or perhaps an FCC commissioner.


2 thoughts on “Gaming kills your education? Bullshit.

  1. Meh.

    It’s easier to blame a thing for something than to blame a person.
    High rate of gun related crime? It’s the fault of guns.
    A person commits suicide after listening to emo music? It’s the fault of the music.

    Where are the parents and/or family in this?
    Where are the campaigns promoting family or community rather than the individual?

    Sure, people are inherintly stupid, lazy and selfish and sometimes we have to take away the tools that make doing bad things easier.
    But taking or restricting any particular tool doesn’t change the nature of the person.

    Would a person not have flunked out of school if MMOs weren’t around?
    Maybe, maybe not. I’d like to see the evidence that would show that particular person wouldn’t have turned to some other ‘thing’.

    Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Maybe this guy needs to sit down and have a chat with his like-minded friend over at:
    I’m sure they’ll have plenty in common.

  2. People blame everyone but themselves. I am a college student and I make good grades, have a job, still have a social life, and have plenty of time to play WoW. Some people just get way too into it and addicted to the game, in which case it it does affect school etc. Is it the games fault? Of course not, it’s the person who can’t control themselves. You can set yourself on a parental control and manage your game play that way. People make it more difficult than it is. People never want to take responsibility for their own actions.

    I also heard that businesses will start asking people applying for a job whether or not they play WoW and base their possible employment on it, regardless of how much they play. I would not apply to that job if they asked me that, that is just stupid.

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