pokemon-ballWe were having one of those silly discussion in the kitchen at work, when the something totally broken was dreamed up: PokéTamaCraft. Thats right, the ultimate in kids toy which combines the Pet management of a Tamagotchi, the pvp of a Pokemon and all in the flavour of the World of Warcraft.

PokeTamaCraft = Warcraft +Tamagochi + Pokemon = Win


  • pvp with your friends, folks on the bus,
  • spec your pets, just like the new patch
  • have  stable of pets, both Hunter and Warlock and perhaps even mage, Death Knight and Shaman pets
  • build it on iPhone so that the iStore will handle distribution, with a base fee and a low on-going payment model for updates and new pets and powers.

“Doomguard, I choose you”

“Oh no, he has the v3.0.8 builds already”


5 thoughts on “PokeTamaCraft

  1. Agreed, but this is about getting them addicted in the first place. Get them young, get them farming.

    And Tuesday nights, and maybe so the DK and Hunter noobs can play a different game.

  2. I just mentioned Pokemon and WoW last night to my guy as I was grumbling about various things *coughAchievementscough*. Suddenly, I feel like WoW has turned into a “gotta get’em all!” game.

    Not only with achievements (love my guildies, but I don’t care if they PvP in Little Helper form or can do deadmines at level 80) but with gear. Even in my casual guild, runs have changed from “let’s go do this” to “let’s go do this BECAUSE I want to get this drop.”

    Bah. Humbug. Maybe I’m just cranky…(wanders off to yell at kids on her lawn)

  3. Ha thats a pretty creative idea of mixing them together. I have created some stop motion videos of my Plush Pokemon and re enacted certain battles if you would like to see just search for pokemaster on youtube.


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