BBB speaks to new DKs

Go have a read of Big Bear Butt’s post on death knoobs (name gave me a chuckle). Totally agree with him, and all DKs should take heart and think. However my comment to his post stands:

Last night we did Halls of Lightning with a DK Tank, a DK-Unholy (me), a Hunter, Rogue (or something), and Resto Druid. At least 3 separate occasions the Hunter pulled aggro on the off-target before either Skull or X was dead. At the end of the last boss only the two DKs were standing. Hunter died really early in, and the Rogue contributed almost nothing on DPS – to the point that I’m not sure he wasn’t an NPC in disguise.

DKs may be new and bad, but the Huntard name stands proud. They’re all still out there, and after years of playing they still suck harder than anything else.

It’s like they have a hidden bag of fail that cannot be emptied.

I didn’t top damage, but was keeping up OK on damage overall. For an 80 who dinged 30 minutes before the run I’m ok with it. I hate the fact that AoEs kill my Ghoul, which then drops my dps by 200. Its like an instant debuff, which you can avoid if you spend all your time micro-managing the Ghooul, but then you’re only doing damage with auto-swing and the Ghoul which is about 300 dps. My target is 1200 at least.

Maybe I’ll re-spec Blood tree and ignore the stupid drooler, or the Hunter, or both. (apologies to the Hunters who bring the A game every game – for you I have only respect).

5 thoughts on “BBB speaks to new DKs

  1. I agree.

    It does seem that a lot of the face-rollers have re-rolled DKs.
    Do you struggle doing 2 button dps on your rogue?
    Then playing a Death Knight is for you!
    You only have two completely seperate yet intertwined resources to manage plus more buttons to push than you have fingers.
    It must be easier!

    Unfortunately starting at 58 in gear that will happily see you through to 70 means that they are horribly OP compared to another class that has to work their way up from lvl and at 58 is probably in a mish mash of green BoEs and quest rewards that may or may not have been upgraded in 5-10 levels.
    So playing a DK feels easy. Too easy.

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