AH is the new DeepRun Tram

Apparently the place to hit on women in WoW has moved from the mailbox near the Stormwind fountain, to a few buildings away in the Stormwind AH.

Dwarfs down to their briefs, elves dancing like harlots, and gnomes working the camera. Shameful behaviour, but at least it was inaccessible.

I weep for the lost days of closing your eyes when you took the DeepRun Tram, as that was the voyeurs delight. Cyberz in the AH just feels somewhat cheap.

Maybe that’s the point…? That, and the fact I’m a dude playing a woman; or maybe that wouldn’t matter as long as I kept the secret? Yuk.

1 thought on “AH is the new DeepRun Tram

  1. I’m a RL female player with a female NE ‘toon. When I rolled my DK I chose the same NE face. After DK “Training” went to the Barbershop in SW and got the same hair etc. so it sometimes feels like my primary “grew up” and became a DK. I’m fairly serious player and since most of my Guild is male I run dungeons/instances expecting no slack or consideration for being “a girl”. Occasionally I get flirted with and generally either flirt or dance in return. Prob is finding out the flirting male ‘toon is operated by a 10 year old as happened recently. After this shattering confrontation with reality, (being told that this Lvl 68DK will be 11 in January ( lol ) I decided against further flirting. Anyone asking me to remove armor/clothing from my ‘toon would earn a quick spot on my handy-dandy Ignore List. RL adult females playing the WoW game know that there is a HIGH probability that the operator of a ‘toon is definitely waaaay below age 21 and consequently we are wary about any flirtations.

    There are several websites owned and operated by female players where we chat and post comments/advice and assistance to the Game. The large numbers of pre-teen and teenage boys playing is a hot topic of interest and genuine concern. Apologies to all of you adult males out there noticing a tepid response to flirtations. Persistance does pay off as the definitely geeky Rogue I met online has levelled up to RL husband-to-be. LOL It DOES happen.

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