RL Grats & Woot

I’m overjoyed that my partner has passed the 3rd year Medical exams, which means she’s one year away from being a doctor. These exams were the barrier exams in the post-grad course, and were the most difficult tests I had ever heard of. Insanely hard. Mind breaking, soul crushing type difficulty – where everyone I talked to was sure that they were in trouble.

The past year and especially the past 6 months have been grueling study; and she’s done it.

Grats Liss, you’ve earnt this one several times over.


2 thoughts on “RL Grats & Woot

  1. Is this a business partner or something? Just curious as to your word choice, and why you didn’t say “girlfriend”.

  2. I use partner as girlfriend always seems a bit casual to me, and we’re not married. Partner has a sense of stability to it, and seems to be the word that a lot of my friends use that I’ve picked up.

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