Its too quiet, and I’m grumpy

grindstoneThere is a lot of silence in the warcraft blogs recently. I’ve noticed the daily stream of feeds has slowed from about 45 to about 20 a day. I’d guess this is because we’re all flat out in the pre-Christmas hubballoo, or too busy actually playing and getting Dings.

For my part its due to “Relationships + Work > WoW”, but then if we look at what I’d rather be doing its actually “Relationship > WoW > Work”, but that leaves no way to appease the gods of Rent and Mortage (yes, I have both).

So between the distractions and fun I play. My Death Knight is now 72, and I love the leveling at the moment. My only grumble is that the rewards for quests are OK, but really not suited to DK gear needs. I don’t think Haste has much use, and I’ll never use SpPower, Int, Mana-regen. Obviously its good to balance the rewards for all Plate wearers so that nobody feels left out; but sheesh.

Maybe we could get more than 4 reward choices for key quests, given there is a lot of Plate wearing needs: Pally-heals (1), Pally Warrior and Death Knight Tanks (3), Pally Warrior and Death Knight DPS (3). That is 7 plate types, or at the very least 3 types that don’t seem to be well represented.

Or maybe a token that we turn in for a choice (yes I know the DPS roles are very similar in gear needs). And stop with the Haste/Expertise gear please!


4 thoughts on “Its too quiet, and I’m grumpy

  1. I know I have found most of my favorite bloggers have been missing in action lately. I have been struggling for months to post anything. Family, work, and even the game seem to get in the way. Thankfully, I have only stockings left to stuff, so I may have more time than most to post during this holiday season.

    I’ll cross my fingers for some really death knight specific plate drops for you. You’re absolutely right, the quest rewards are ehh…

  2. Aye lots of people are going MIA lately. Still… plenty of smaller blogs still going at it and so I rarely run out of stuff to read.

    Just follow blog links from one to another. There’s bound to be a tasty morsel somewhere.

  3. I’ve noticed it and been a cause all at the same time. e_e

    I’ve been going through a phase where I haven’t been posting as much on my blog, but I attribute that to playtime, schoolwork, and gearing up for the holidays.

    Now that I’m 80 (on my main, anyway), have finished all my assignments for this class, and found out that I can’t go home for Christmas, I can get back into posting.

    Totally agree on the lack of good drops. I’m tired of seeing all of the haste/expertise gear as an Arms warrior (what happened to all the crit/armor pen gear?). More rewards over tokens, though. The token thing would be a good way to give people much more options, but then who would you turn your tokens into? A major city? That’s too much time for the majority of a playerbase that’s used to getting their rewards NOW.

    Then again, all things change… this expansion is a huge example of that. 🙂

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