I want to be an Airforce Ranger

The two starting areas are great, with a different feel to each; but this is gem from Howling Fjord is cool.

mortigen_jetNow that’s what the multi-seat Engineering flying mounts should look like! This wasn’t even a core feature of the quest, just a fantastic way to get to the quest location, you know: basic a-to-b transportation. No wonder folks are raving about this expansion. The eye candy as you level is excellent.

Today I’ve been a robot, flown in a jet, surfed a harpoon, trained and controlled a hawk, used the lifts, and rained fire down on a coastal village. Damn having to work tomorrow.


One thought on “I want to be an Airforce Ranger

  1. I pray that they give us engineers something like this. The monetary aspect of the bike is somewhat promising, but I really like the exclusivity I get with my chopper. I mean come on, what engineer actually took up the profession to make money?

    Damn bliz, and what the hell is with the new gadgets overwriting enchants? The extra sockets from BS’s don’t overwrite anything. Why should a goofy engineering toy overwrite an enchant.

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