The coming of the Death Knight

Be warned Azeroth, the new scourge does not consist of Undead. There are no wraiths, no giant spider-thangs, and certainly no giant blue spaceships. The Death Knight comes, and with them they bring the downfall of the dedicated players.

Soon all your raiders will be on alts, all your guilds full of red names, and the 58+ zones will tremble. I love the Death Knight. My warrior that I was mucking around with just got made totally redundant. My other 70s are trembling.

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Tribute to the Old World

Just like most players in wow I am pondering the new content. A reasonably predictable set of questions and thoughts are pinging through my mind, from looking forward to the first instance runs, to getting disorientated all over again in new zones. As I scanned websites and read about the new areas I go to thinking about the original game (or old world) too.

What was the most powerful impression from the Old World?


The original game (if you can call it that with the xpac areas which are added) is full of fantastic scapes and geography. One of my favourites is pictured above – the entrance to Loch Modan. Continue reading

A few Death Knight names

Many folk like to reserve names, and I’m one of those foolish types who has trouble making up names quickly. Its the roleplayer in me that feels that a name is something that should either be unique, or impart something of the character.

There were so many names, even odd names that were taken, and almost every combination of  Blood+blade, Doom+hammer, etc…was gone too. Kinda expected that given Nagrand has a reasonable population.

I’ve obviously been slow on the uptake. In no way will I have a character named Arthasz, Illadun, Thrallll type name. That stuff is (a) silly, (b) really unoriginal, and (c) been done to death, heated up, flogged, burnt, and burried permanently.

eg. The persons name might be Malecento (a made up name), or Dawnbringer, for what the person’s actions might have been.

In that vein I’ve taken on board all the “emo” thoughts of a hero who died in battle, and has been torn from death and conscripted into an unholy army (feel the emo yet?). You only get a few slots so it was hard to pick some.

Some name I’ve tagged on Nagrand:

– Decrepit, Devour, Defile, Vitiate, Raze, Mortigen, Frosthand, Pulverise (I know thats cheating due to the spelling, I’m an Australian).

Got yours yet?

Food for thought, salty goodness?

About a week to go till the 70+ run begins and the choice between 1st and 2nd is still hard. Pally and Druid both still rock, and even my hunches change from day to day. I’m torn and confused. Druid Cat dps output is not high, and I attribute that problem to the lump between the keyboard and chair (me). Pally multi-mob grinding seems awesome and even the *adjustment* in the patch will not totally diminish that role.

Not that it counts as much, but the 3rd and 4th spot of Warlock and Shadow Priest are affected by all sorts of rumour and hearsay,  and while they’re not in the real running, I like to watch them. Especially on the back of the 3.0.3 changes. My initial impression of Warlock and Priest changes from 3.0.3 is that Warlocks did not get as much love as Shadow Priests, and SPrs are getting very serious play at 80. I’m glad both got some love.

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Count down to Wrath release

A cute link that tells me exactly how long till Wrath of the Lich King is released. I really wanted a timer to display in the post, but can’t wangle the WordPress voodoo or the coding voodoo to get that done. Good thing the free time and calculator websites have already expended the voodoo for me.

Picture a big shot clock, the letters all icy and gothic, with a draco-lich holding the panels in its glinting claws. We could even have a low moaning and hiss soundtrack, to add ambience. Hey – does MySpace off this type of time-wasting rubbish….?

Link will have to do. 😦

We have a week people. Start buying hotpockets and headache tablets now.wrath-7-days

Patch notes 3.0.3

The 3.0.3 patch notes are out – and the best thing in there is “The war against spelling errors continues”. Hehe.

Highlights for me are:

-refund of Druid talent points, as I love a good free re-spec opportunity.

– Warlock/Druid/Paladin mount quest removed and now a trainable skill. Great for my warlock, as I’ve been lazy, and I feel good that I did the Druid quest a few days back.

– Bash now has an interrupt regardless of creature being stun immune.

– Paladin changes: I have no idea there are too many things switching to know the degree of change, or the severity of the impact. QQ aside, the future will tell.

– Priests have Devouring Plague’s coefficient increased which is good, and Vampiric Touch also increased and refreshed by Mind Blast. I see now a reason to apply VT at the start of a mid length fight. Short is still a waste, long is still mandatory. I love the linked synergy in VT+MB, and PW:P+MF, it makes sense and will help with mana and rotation (although I don’t have a real rotation yet). VT as pull happens, PW:P, DP, MF(?), MB, MF…nice.

– Warlocks appear to have had a slight buff overall, the affect remains to be seen. Destro looks like it is getting a significant part of the increase.

– Gathering professions no longer have a level requirement. Wow thats huge, now just the same for crafting professions too please (?).

This is Madness – woohoo!

darmoon-card-madnessA little late to be wonderful, but still something I wanted for a toon was another of the groovy Darkmoon Cards. This time Madness will be mine!

About 6 months of casual browsing the AH, and picking up the cards only when they’re a bargain.

Have to make a macro about Sparta now, and find the next Darkmoon Faire, which I think hits next week. Final cost was about 700-800g.