Mortigen at 70, yay!

Well behind the curve, and given that the level 80 Death Knights have been running amok for a week or so – the news that my Death Knight is level 70 is not huge for most. But for me its fantastic.

I’m now in Northrend, running quests, killing mobs, and learning how to scale them. I think they are better at 70 than the initial “whoa” you get at 55. The mobs are tougher and take some extra hits, and sometimes a miss or dodge will stuff my rotation; but I love it.

Deathgrip is fantastic for solo play, combine that with two Silence affects when you’re Unholy, and two anti-magic shields – casters are Toast.mortigen-at-65s_thumb


2 thoughts on “Mortigen at 70, yay!

  1. Grats mate 🙂 I’m just hitting 67, but got exalted with all the Alliance factions first for the Ambassador title. A few of the guild I’m in are 80 and all say how much easier it is using DK tanks in instances, apparently you don’t really need to heal them!!

  2. I think the deal is the same for all tanks, its really gear focused. I was tanking Nexus, and have really poor tanking gear (435 def = fail). I got hit hard and died a lot. The last dragon boss was tough enough that we had to swap me into dps and get a mate to bring his geared tank.

    Then she went down, and the quest rewards from Nexus are ironically Plate Tank gear. 🙂

    And I met some funky Adelaide, Sydney and NZ folks, which makes the run so much more fun.

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