Am I broke yet?

Power-grinding my Mining and Blacksmithing is a huge and expensive undertaking, especially as a lot of players are doing it. Price change over the last week has been huge. I’ve decided to pause this process until the market bloat slows down, which I hope starts shortly. Basically I’m blowing huge amounts of gold on trying to do this the quick and dirty way, without actually mining anything. Copper Ore are expensive and Silver Ore is just insane.

Here is the other solution: everyone just stop! Go play chess, go outside, whatever. I don’t care. Leave the AH alone, stop leveling your DKs. Leave the server and all the mobs to me.

Its all mine; mine! My precious…


When I thought I was out…

when-i-thought-i-was-outTwo new wow commercials are out, and the Steve Van Sandt is my favourite of the entire series. Love the Sopranos. Project Lore has the recent two.

The Ozzie one is ok, but really the Oz has lost of his appeal to me since the reality TV shtick and seeing his daughter stumble through holywood.

The “I thought I was out” rings really true to me, as I’ve stopped twice but come back each time. Addicted? Maybe, but loving it. It is hard to quit something when you love it.