The coming of the Death Knight

Be warned Azeroth, the new scourge does not consist of Undead. There are no wraiths, no giant spider-thangs, and certainly no giant blue spaceships. The Death Knight comes, and with them they bring the downfall of the dedicated players.

Soon all your raiders will be on alts, all your guilds full of red names, and the 58+ zones will tremble. I love the Death Knight. My warrior that I was mucking around with just got made totally redundant. My other 70s are trembling.

The starting zone is wonderful, and the introduction story is just about the best I’ve seen in any computer game; period. The prospect of the wanton death, cruel actions, and total disregard for life was perfect. Arthas was suitably twisted and mad, giving off the “I’m a loony sociopath” feeling.

Even if you hate the DK class, you should play through the content. It can be done in about 3 hours and you’ll see some great examples of session states and instances zones.

As its early days, and I have no idea what spec, mode, rotation, or even set of abilities are ideal – I’ll leave that to EJ and other bloggers. Go google the talents, read the forums, and chat amongst yourselves. Hopefully that stops you logging in, so that I can level my DK.

Now level 61, the powers just keep getting better. Is this enough to make me switch? I doubt it, but oh god they are awesome. No need for a healer when you have plate + affects that heal you! ZOMG.

I hope the awesome curves a little at 80, as otherwise it will be World of Death Knight, with some others thrown in for good measure.

/drool, /grin, /slaughter, /laugh…..

I wonder if Arthas would take me back so I can just kill good guys all day?

{spoiler-ish} The bit with the Dragon, or the bit with the helpless townsfolk stood out the most.


1 thought on “The coming of the Death Knight

  1. I agree.
    The class intro is very well done. And I agree everyone should roll one just to see that Blizzard can do something right that is fun for all.

    The story is quite nicely played out.

    Death Knights hit 58 with Blue gear that is only just lower in level than Tier2 gear.
    This combined with the easier levelling and the dps increases across the board make levelling one seem easy atm (also lvl 61).

    Does this detract from the game?
    For me not really – I’ve levelled 3 toons to 70 and geared them all reasonably well so I can safely say I’ve done all the outland content a bit so if it flashes by I don’t mind.
    Gearing up at 70 will be a bit of a pain however…

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