Tribute to the Old World

Just like most players in wow I am pondering the new content. A reasonably predictable set of questions and thoughts are pinging through my mind, from looking forward to the first instance runs, to getting disorientated all over again in new zones. As I scanned websites and read about the new areas I go to thinking about the original game (or old world) too.

What was the most powerful impression from the Old World?


The original game (if you can call it that with the xpac areas which are added) is full of fantastic scapes and geography. One of my favourites is pictured above – the entrance to Loch Modan.

As a low level player these two statues set in stone my impression of the dwarven craftsmanship. Ironforge is immense and wonderful, but as it should be – its a capital city. But these huge sculptures in the Valley of Kings were awe inspiring. So much so that when I ran through there today mucking about on an Alt, I was struck again.

Yes, they’re not an original concept, and have certainly been done in many games, movies, etc; but to place them at a seemingly inconsequential spot on the edge of the rest of the content drew them in contrast to the rest of the landscape. Here is a border marker to the Dwarven kingdom. More than a line on a map, the tunnels and trails around Loch Modan are well thought out, logical, and beautiful.

Other areas I love are:

– The archway entrance to Stormwind

– The entire zone Ferralas is breathtaking

– Scarlet Monastery and Living Strath are very good.

I’d write a rant about why for each, except that I think you get the idea. 🙂

The screenshots of Northrend really seem impressive too, and I’m drooling over what I have seen. Its impossible to know if it will have the same affect on me, but I’m tipping yes. Its odd to think about comparisons between the three (old world, outland, northrend) as they are so different.

Consider that Northrend is part of the same world, so elements of its existence should be similar. This is in stark contrast to Outland, where developers were allowed and encouraged to create bizarre and fantastic landscapes. I’m expecting Northrend to have a new feel, but not be so plane-touched as Outland. It can and should be brutal, gritty, and raw. I’d expect violence to be a theme, as to would the realities of living in such a harsh landscape (not to mention the undead guy).

Outland still has some places in my heart too:

– The Eccodomes are wild. Mana sucking unnatural spheres of power, akin in my mind to the sphere around old Dalaran. Huge enough that you has to ponder the scale when you get close.

– The tilt of Hellfire Pen, and how sick it made me feel when questing right on the edge. Great in a bad way, vertigo.

– Giant fungus of Zanga was impressive until I saw Blade’s Edge Mountains. Man they made some savage looking areas and putting these against each other was a sweet contrast.

– Karazhan is stunning, more attractive than Living Strath imho.

Anyway back to scanning screenshots and drooling like a hungry dog at a bbq.