A few Death Knight names

Many folk like to reserve names, and I’m one of those foolish types who has trouble making up names quickly. Its the roleplayer in me that feels that a name is something that should either be unique, or impart something of the character.

There were so many names, even odd names that were taken, and almost every combination of  Blood+blade, Doom+hammer, etc…was gone too. Kinda expected that given Nagrand has a reasonable population.

I’ve obviously been slow on the uptake. In no way will I have a character named Arthasz, Illadun, Thrallll type name. That stuff is (a) silly, (b) really unoriginal, and (c) been done to death, heated up, flogged, burnt, and burried permanently.

eg. The persons name might be Malecento (a made up name), or Dawnbringer, for what the person’s actions might have been.

In that vein I’ve taken on board all the “emo” thoughts of a hero who died in battle, and has been torn from death and conscripted into an unholy army (feel the emo yet?). You only get a few slots so it was hard to pick some.

Some name I’ve tagged on Nagrand:

– Decrepit, Devour, Defile, Vitiate, Raze, Mortigen, Frosthand, Pulverise (I know thats cheating due to the spelling, I’m an Australian).

Got yours yet?

17 thoughts on “A few Death Knight names

  1. Oh, I haven’t given it a thought, but on the other hand it will be very long before I have time to make the DK chain so no rush.

    I never realized there would be competition for the names. The last chars I’ve made have been variations of the letters in Larisa. My rogue is called Arisal for instance. Maybe I’ll do another letterswitch for the DK. Or perhaps that isn’t Death Knightish enough? Maybe there shoud be more of death and horror in the name after all?

    She may become angry with me for humiliating her with an ordinare name. I’d better rethink.

  2. I’ve got an Undead Rogue holding the name Spinabifida… Can’t wait to try out DK Tanking.

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  4. I made a choice and my god I’m happy with the Death Knight class. This will get a post for sure, if I can stop drooling on the keyboard long enough to actually logout.

    The DK will be a challenge to my otherwise distracted alt-istic tendencies.

  5. I have a ret pally lvl 52 right now. his name is Metaknight. strangely wasnt taken about 1 motnh ago. i got lucky i guess

  6. I agree that names should be meaningful, and I loathe names where I can easily judge class/spec/race/raid role. There’s a healing priest on my server with a *really* awful name that merits a /sigh from me every time I see him.

    That being said, I have no intention at the moment of playing a DK, I have a million bajillion other things to do first. I did reserve a name I thought was pretty great, though- Haceldama.

  7. I made a Death Knight on Feathermoon called Impervious, and a Rogue called Erosion. Have to admit “infect” is a great Death Knight name. 10pts, and thank god somebody else gets the arthassz is an asshat concept.

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