Food for thought, salty goodness?

About a week to go till the 70+ run begins and the choice between 1st and 2nd is still hard. Pally and Druid both still rock, and even my hunches change from day to day. I’m torn and confused. Druid Cat dps output is not high, and I attribute that problem to the lump between the keyboard and chair (me). Pally multi-mob grinding seems awesome and even the *adjustment* in the patch will not totally diminish that role.

Not that it counts as much, but the 3rd and 4th spot of Warlock and Shadow Priest are affected by all sorts of rumour and hearsay,  and while they’re not in the real running, I like to watch them. Especially on the back of the 3.0.3 changes. My initial impression of Warlock and Priest changes from 3.0.3 is that Warlocks did not get as much love as Shadow Priests, and SPrs are getting very serious play at 80. I’m glad both got some love.

However the latest round of SimulationCraft testing (a range caster DPS simulator) seems to indicate that while Warlocks are not so hot at 70, they will be up there at 80. With Afflict locks being the pick of the litter, by miles. What is also awesome is that patch 3.0.3 has bumped the Shadow Priest dps to be very nice at 70, and still reasonable at 80.

What follows is some first thoughts from looking at the results sheets…(if you hate theory, or pallid conjecture, stop reading here)

From what I can see of a median values for dps, its not much different from what we see today, and by golly it’ll change before we actually get to level 80 anyway. Bring a Mage or Warlock and you’ll be pleased, and bring other casters too and they’ll still be ok. Interesting that the SPr move up and down the scale 70 to 80, but Druids and Shamans tend to stay where they were. Does that mean that these rankings for Boomers and caster Shammy are intended? Hope not. A gap of 2000 to 3200 depending on gear at 80 is large enough to make the Shaman have a reason to say what gives. Is that true of 10/25 man raids now?

Mind you I don’t know many players who consistently output these figures as this is theoretical max values, not actual application in game where you have to move, assist, talk, help, cover screw-ups, etc. I’d really like to see a comparison of WWS figures at 70 with a simulation test, to see what the odd values are.

i) Short time fun at 70

At 70, we see a huge jump in position for the SPriests.

Affl-lock = 2692 to 2898
SPr using 3.0.3 = 2860 to 2896
Mages = 2702 to 2756
SPr using 3.0.2 = 2156 to 2201
Holy Priest *cough*

ii) However at 80 using Naxx gear:

We see that Affli-locks and Mages compete for the top ranks, and SPrs are in there, but not the high contenders. Balance Druids seem to be low in all the tests both 70 and 80, and Shamans are consistently low. Sucks to be a range dps Shaman I guess.

Outcome: Basically not enough here to make me change choices, but food for thought. Take it with a gain of salt, and enjoy the meal.