Patch notes 3.0.3

The 3.0.3 patch notes are out – and the best thing in there is “The war against spelling errors continues”. Hehe.

Highlights for me are:

-refund of Druid talent points, as I love a good free re-spec opportunity.

– Warlock/Druid/Paladin mount quest removed and now a trainable skill. Great for my warlock, as I’ve been lazy, and I feel good that I did the Druid quest a few days back.

– Bash now has an interrupt regardless of creature being stun immune.

– Paladin changes: I have no idea there are too many things switching to know the degree of change, or the severity of the impact. QQ aside, the future will tell.

– Priests have Devouring Plague’s coefficient increased which is good, and Vampiric Touch also increased and refreshed by Mind Blast. I see now a reason to apply VT at the start of a mid length fight. Short is still a waste, long is still mandatory. I love the linked synergy in VT+MB, and PW:P+MF, it makes sense and will help with mana and rotation (although I don’t have a real rotation yet). VT as pull happens, PW:P, DP, MF(?), MB, MF…nice.

– Warlocks appear to have had a slight buff overall, the affect remains to be seen. Destro looks like it is getting a significant part of the increase.

– Gathering professions no longer have a level requirement. Wow thats huge, now just the same for crafting professions too please (?).

This is Madness – woohoo!

darmoon-card-madnessA little late to be wonderful, but still something I wanted for a toon was another of the groovy Darkmoon Cards. This time Madness will be mine!

About 6 months of casual browsing the AH, and picking up the cards only when they’re a bargain.

Have to make a macro about Sparta now, and find the next Darkmoon Faire, which I think hits next week. Final cost was about 700-800g.