Monday Zombie Testing

The result of Monday’s zombie testing was very predictable, you can’t do much anywhere at the moment.

– login to human newbie area with a new toon. Highly populated, but ganked by a zombie in under a few minutes. Logout.

– login to Stormwind, attacked by a zombie in under 35 seconds. Killed it, cured the infection, and logged out.

– login to Shattrath, exit Inn mount up, fly. Watch as under a minute later a zombie enters the Inn. Logout.


If I’d known in advance it was going to be this way, I’d have stopped my subscription for a month and returned when it was over.


2 thoughts on “Monday Zombie Testing

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Ask me how much fun this world event is while I like for that quest giver / repairer /vendor I need so that I go back to playing the game.

    Oh yeah, some doofus thought it would be fun to kill them that’s right.
    /wait for respawn

    Whoops real life calls, better go afk for that bio…
    Return to keyboard.
    WTH?! I’m dead.
    That will teach me for not parking my toon on a remote innacessable perch for the two mins I needed to be gone…

    To top it off they rehash the event we had when Naxx was about to be released…

    GG Blizz

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