Zombie Zerg Gank Fest

They’re everywhere. Brains, brains,…..etc. Welcome to Zombie Zerg Gank Fest 08.

Westfall was overrun by a nefarious pair – one was high level infected and the other was a high level druid. Basically the infected kept combating and infecting everyone, and the druid would cleanse himself but not others, and then kill them when they turned zombie bad. The high npc re-spawn rate kept the zombie chief ticking along, and the Druid seemed to know which one not to kill.

Basically you were stuffed if you went anywhere near them, and had to hope you got  back to your body quickly and run.

I know its fun, but it was a pain on the third go. I didn’t roll on a pvp (edit: I wrote pve by mistake) server for a reason.

That said, its a great thing to add to the game, and I hope Blizzard do more.

My second part of fun was trying to do a quest while infected, and infecting the npcs. I killed him, he turned zombie and killed me, the guards killed him, rinse-repeat.

Yep, he’s dead and I’m infected again.

More irritating is trying to walk through Goldshire and Elwynn at the moment, as the big flying soup of the day boss keeps yelling across the realm. The voice acting is astoundingly good, and the rhyme is not bad either.

I wish “/ignore HH” would actually work though.

4 thoughts on “Zombie Zerg Gank Fest

  1. The pay off for this event had better be completely awesome, as it’s the most annoying event in Wow history to date. Anything that kills vendors and questgivers is just plaing irritating at best

  2. I was initially ok with this, but after a few days the concept is really tired. Its stopping me from playing as even just one selfish player can make everyone’s gameplay horrid.

    Try to go somewhere, get infected, get cured, try to go somewhere…..

    The Argent Dawn guy that cures this should be able to give 24 hours of immunity. That way people who want to quest, can do just that. Make the NPCs have that immunity and we can get on with playing.

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