Blog Focus – Initiate flamewar?

Do you write about one topic or class? Or range everywhere?

BRK and BBB are both mucking about, as a serious flame-war between those two would be ugly; but some light hearted poking is good. BRK’s contribution to Hunters has kept them in the mind-set of the Devs, and you’re smoking some serious stuff if you think that he has not assisted the Hunter community resist nurfs and keep progressing. I can forgive that he called Paladins cockroaches. Afterall I call Hunters one trick ponies in jest too.

Same with the BBB for Druids; a resource worthy of reckoning. Add Matticus and you have gods among wow bloggers. The next teir of high level posters at Blog Azeroth also go pretty hard too. All mandatory reading if you want to get good at this game (and who doesn’t?). Thankfully BRK even made it clear he was kidding, which is doubly cool. If you like these guys and have missed it, go read. Appears to be a sharp sample of how sarcasm, humour, and all sorts of subtle communition often fail when written.

Me, I write about everything I find interesting. Today thats other bloogger’s habits. Tomorrow back to Pallys, then Locks, then Druids, then silly animations…if I had the focus these guys had, I’d already have a book written and probably have finished rather than deferred a masters degree.

And if I come at an issue/person/thing and seem aggro — ignore it. I’ll swear like a drunk aussie sailor on 48 shore leave when I don’t like something. It’ll be clear, blunt, and flaming.