Mods that Are Working in v3

Like many folks my mods are a little skewy at the moment, and v3.0.2 will be here for a week so its worth updating. This led me to go and find some new ones. You can get all these from WoWMatrix and they are all Ace mods, so supposed to have low memory; ymmv.

Bags = Bagnon. I was using ArkInventory, and will again when its fixed. Till then this is good enough.

Bartender4 = great action bar mod.

Buffalo = the ultmate buff mod I have ever seen. Fantastic mod.

Ellipsis = a Dot, Hot, Cooldown, and target timer which is actually easier to configure and therefore beter than Dotimer.

FuBar = Good, but so many mods are not updated to Fubar v3.

Omen = Get it, your group needs you to have this, don’t leave the Inn without it.

Outfitter = an ok gear mod, but I’m not sold yet.

PitBull = Unit frames made very customised, and can look fantatic.

Prat = for comms/tells this is OK, but I feel its still a geek approch and could be more elegant.

Quartz = is a spell lag timer and castbar controller. Almost as mandatory as Omen.

ZOMGBuffs = there is no better way to record and control the buffs you need to give, and it learns and changes on the situation. Logic for all classes built right in.


Which Class to 80?

As I’ve said before, I’m trying to figure out what class will be best to level first. Usually this blog is a little like I rant, and some (delightful, intelligent, and sexy) people make comments.

Hey, I know the anthem, “Play what you enjoy”.

But its about more than that, its about playing what will add value, be highly affective, be sought after, and then be fun.

There can be only one, and while I think I’ll enjoy almost any of the choices, I’d love to see a representation of what the community thinks.

Off topic: My intent is also to test out the new WordPress/Polldaddy tool. Polldaddy is a funky poll tool that WordPress has just enabled in the default interface. Kudos WP, this aint too bad at all.