WoW v3 + Tankadin = Steamroller

We ran Kara last night, and when I say ran I really mean we crushed Karazhan and ate its young. The group make up had me as the only Tank, and a Shammy was OT’ing for the 2 times it was needed. We had 2 players who had never been in Kara, and a few who were inexperienced and it was still easy.

Everything in there is weaker, and the bosses are now like very hard trash mobs. There is no excuse except mana for not chain pulling, and if the group is already over geared you should be chain pulling in sets of 2-3.

43 seconds to drop Maiden, Attumen was a bit over a minute, and I don’t even recall how fast the others were by comparison. It was nuts. Prince’s new name is Princess, because that prancing Erodar is a softie now.

Badge farming and Alt gearing has a new home in Deadwind Pass.


2 thoughts on “WoW v3 + Tankadin = Steamroller

  1. Seems a bit sad really that they take all this perfectly good content and make it irrelivant by nerfing it into the ground and buffing the players big time.

    Sure level 80’s are going to rip the place up, but 70’s who previously were challenged now walking all over it? Seems a fine way to lose player interest to me.

  2. If you put a group of young 70s in there, they’ll be able to clear it. It’ll still hurt and they’ll wipe as they learn the co-ordination; but they’ll clear it.

    We steamrolled because about 4 of us really know the place and tried to leave nothing to chance (well mostly – pulling a full room worth was a tad silly).

    Our dps’ers were on fire and that was a huge difference. The bosses still hit as hard, and require as much healing on the tank; the fights are just shorter. Given that a newbie run in Kara can run to 5-6 hours, and now it’ll be 3 its not bad.

    Also consider that this content is only “useful” while we don’t have the Wrath of the Lich xpac. Then its about as popular as UBRS or ZG. So 5 weeks of power-ups is tiny in the broader scope of the game.

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