Demo Warlock Talent Build

I thought I’d go affliction, but then it occurred to me that most of the day 0-12 specs will be adjusted and tweked, so just play with something fun.

That fun is a full demonology talent build, which puts the Felguard and Subby in as major partners.

I went for fun of demon form, the synergy with using a Pet and my damage for the raid buff, and generally learning to use the pets again. Been Destro and before that Afflict for a very long time.

Like everything else, this is an experiment for level 70. There is no detailed explanation of why and where, as this was done over lunch, with the plan to totally change it later.

Update: It bites. Demo just lacks punch and you spend far too much time watching pets than actually killing stuff. Affliction, Destro, or a combo of the two will be better than this, without wasting talents getting to “demon form”. What a 20c crappy gimmick.

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