Shadow Priest Talent Build

An attempt at a Shadow build for level 70s. (Edit: As 3.1 is fast approaching, consider this spec out of date. I’m sure the basics will be ok, but I’m not claiming this is accurate anymore).

I wanted the Silence ability, but need to know if it is worth sacrificing the points from other areas; at the moment its not.

Dispersion is not worth the last point in a tree as far as I can tell (Dispersion is wonderful, I was wrong), and I’m happy to be wrong later. It would be a far more affective ability if it also reduced the Threat the Priest has on the target too. Then I can see it as a great way to ramp up your damge, then take a short breather while your mana pops up 36%. That will hopefully stack with the mana return you’re normally getting and the Meditation and TV abilities. In its current form its crappy.

Update: Adding the spec I’ll go with till further notice. Whats different?

– no reduced threat, my gear is not putting me anywhere near threat capped and unless you’ve broken +1000 damage you won’t be either from what I can tell.

– no increased range on shadow spells, mostly in runs its ok to be far away. Only in a few fights I can think of its a real issue, and in those you just need to move like the melee dps (murmur, prince, etc).

– added back in Silence, and so happy about it. Doing the Sunwell Attack Plans against casters is easy mode with silence. I can see why people roll Blood Elves.

– Added back in Dispersion, as its proven to be a good toy and I think I’ll get real milage out of it.


8 thoughts on “Shadow Priest Talent Build

  1. For PvE? Silence has been worthless to me.

    I didn’t take imp. VE simply b/c it’s an aggro bomb right now, and I’m not taking shadow affinity until our tanks yell at me! /grin

    I want to see how much the tanks threat went up, and how much the built in threat reducation to shadowform helps.

    So, I put two points into Improved Fort, b/c there are times I’m the only priest in the raid, and I also put a point in Dispersion, just to play around with it. Think of it like an extra mana pot – that silences you.

  2. After running Kara as a Tank I can see why threat should not be much on an issue.

    I’m turned around a bit on Dispersion, as I saw our SPr use it a lot, especially when things were going off-track. It still needs a reduced threat in it though.

    And you’re right about Imp VE, which is a shame for SPrs overall.

    However if silence cost 1 pt rather than the 3 it takes to get, more SPrs wold have it, and it would get more play. Its a pull mechanic for casters if nothing else.

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  4. First of all; Priests are weakest PvP character.
    I have 5×70 chrs(Fire, Frost mages,Shadow Priest,Afflict Warlock and Orc Warrior) on 3 different servers.
    And Priests are my first target, easy to kill.

    I just quit BGs after providing 10 Epic items for my Shadow Priest.
    I specced Pelin as Holy Priest but saw thats not a good idea for mostly solo gaming, changed to Shadow. I really liked.
    I was expecting some protection talents with v3.0
    but got only Dispersion which is really good in PvP, can be ignored in PvE.
    Dispersion gives chance to run away and time to prepare your self for defense or offense.
    I still can’t believe Blizz Developers forgot to put an instant heal spell, except Renew which is crap from the beginning.
    Before patch, I was able to detect stealthed Rogues, cant detect them after patch.Thats sad.
    I used 51 pts on Shadow, 10 on Discipline.

    Blizz says; all characters are balanced.

    Heartly thanks Typhoonandrew
    God bless

  5. Im a shadow priest geared and i fine that i can survive. i have 900 spell damage and i fine that i can survive. the dispersion helps with those rouges that put you in stun lock or over powered pallys. Dispersion is a good mana regen spell. I have most of my talents in shadow and im criting around 4k in pve and 3784 with mind blast and 2799 with shadow ward pain. Simultaneously

    Theres a lot of ways to survive, such as renew before combat, while bubbled, now the patch shadow priest can do Holy Nova and heals you for 1k. Specking into discipline i find hurting your Max damage you can do.

  6. Have to agree that spec’ing too deep into Disc is wasteful given there are points to be spent in Shadow. The first 5 points should be spent there to increase damage/heal by 5% for instant casts, but not beyond that.

    Dispersion is pretty solid, and I was wrong about it. I’ve used it in pve instance runs now and really like it. Not only can you use it to avoid death if shield won’t save you, but the mana return is nice. I still think its a tricksy ability though.

    I’ve also read about some reports of Shadow Priests having very nice dps now in simulations. That seems an odd turn around in such short time. It may have something to do with Warlocks and Paladins being removed from the line-up; and its always questionable to compare range with melee dps (unless its just a straight dps contribution), as its difficult to see all scenarios simulated.

    I trust community feedback over a number of weeks more than rife whinging over a few days. My own posts come across a bit QQ at times, but then I think its hard to disassociate yourself from the classes you love.

    As an aside I still feel Silence has something to offer, and till I have to spec away from it due to peer pressure, I’ll keep Silence in my Shadow build.

  7. I like idea with geared priest from above 900 spell power and he can survive against rogues, lol.
    I have 1240 unbuffed at the moment and I still consider me ungeared, yes after 3.0.2 I can crit over 5K and I come back again in the top 5 of raid damage but in PvP any half brain rogue eat you. I have one rogue too, with 381 resilience, 1850 AP, 32% crit and clothies are my favorite targets.

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