Cat (Feral) Druid Talent Build

Update 4: The infomation here is not current for Cataclysm, as I have not played a dps Cat yet. The best advice I can give you to find an effective definitive starting point is to read the Druid – Cat EJ forums, and then use a tool like Mr Robot or Rawr to load your character and optimise.

Pay close attention to the discussion on Hit and Expertise requirements, as these have changed and sometimes the tools will not reflect the updates. And gem for strength (just kidding – don’t).

In an effort to respec now that we’re live in 3.0.2, here is the build that I will initially be using for my Druid, who is a cat dps role.

The huge question I have is this build gimp’ed because of the choice to still use Omen of Clarity?

Update 3: I’m tooling around with my Druid again, which means more Cat specs will be looked at and updated. Tanking has more appeal than Cat at the moment, but as a Level 75 Cat, no way I’m changing to a proper Bear spec when a hybrid feral build will do the trick.

Update 2: In light of some feedback, and general tooling around I have a new spec. Omen of Clarity is dropped out for Bersek. Still not sold on some of the differences between mine and other specs, but as yet I have not raided pve with a Cat.

Update 1:   As 3.1.1 is here, consider this spec out of date. I’m sure the basics will be ok, but I’m not claiming this is accurate anymore. Instead go have a look at Altosis’s DPS build for Cats. It has a breakdown of talents, a build link, and he’s playing Cat far more than I am.

It still sounds good and the 10 talent points in getting it seem not too bad. I’m really tempted to drop OoC and grab another 11 pts worth of Feral goodies.

Being cat there is no need for me to muck about with the talents that particularly benefit the Bear tanks, but still so many areas to spend points. The new Feral Charge for Cats is nice, and I’ll see how I go without Berserk.

Like the other specs recently, this is a day one level 70 build – and I really welcome feedback (lets call them fixes for my silly choices shall we?).

11 thoughts on “Cat (Feral) Druid Talent Build

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  3. I actually went a step further and did not choose Omen of Clarity at all. Its good, but not a patch on Berserk. I reason that Berserk allows you to choose when you want to unleash hell, and really adds punch. This is often during sensitive phases on bosses, or burning something down.

    Omen is good, but just not as aggressive in a burst. Berserk also makes Bear very handy too for rapid AoE with swipe thrown in.

    In runs I’m either just single target dps on the mark order (trash), or going nuts on a Boss. I also like to test the end tree talents and see what they offer. The Omen change to not being cast however is a great change.

  4. Check out Altosis’s posts on Cat specs too – he’s done some excellent legwork on the changes and math.

    Berserk is not as good as OOC, but it does let you break Fear. Your call which to use.

    Update: Like a noob I logged my Druid today, and jumped straight into the daily H Sethek Halls. Then I realised that I needed to actually spec. Doh! At least I can tell you from personal experience that a Cat without some talents, is far more like a kitten than a tiger.
    *embarrassed* 🙂

  5. dude u’re a total retard that talent build for cat is a joke,try playing something that doesn’t require thinking so much

  6. Please post something useful Nosferatu. You’re not helping me by not giving more detail as to why you think its bad, and you’re not helping the wow community by not providing an alternative.

    Your blog must be full of fantastic up to date spec for all classes?

    If anyone wishes to ask Nosferatu for his advice the email address is/was:

  7. just wondering if there are any insights now that 3.1 is out with dual spec? I want to go feral dps for second spec and have never built for that so would value any input from nearly any source

    [I haven’t quit completely since I started again, but I started to quit again the other day.]

  8. It would be remiss of me to provide any advice on Cat specs, as I have not played one since TBC at 70. Sorry Faynaal. Might be worth a look through the blogs like Secret Agent Cat or other druid resources.

  9. Nosferatu dont be such a moron,if your such an expert then maybe try adding some creativness and suggest a TT for feral rather than slate others that try to give some help to others.

  10. im just coming up on level 30 as a tauren druid and wanted to thank you for the ideas for my own talent tree, im currently sticking to feral talents at the moment and will probably experiment a little in 10 levels or so.

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