Affliction Warlock Talent Build

Looking at the Affliction tree for Warlocks at 70, its seriously fun times. The tree has gained some potentially powerful spells, and the opportunity is present for Affl-Locks to construct strange and bizarre spell rotations. Much like the Paladin build earlier I’m taking a punt on a build. This setup was copied from a L80 setup for Afflict raiding, and I can see easily why its potent.

Edit: As 3.1 is fast approaching, consider this spec out of date. I’m sure the basics will be ok, but I’m not claiming this is accurate anymore.

For this one I basically agreed with the folks who created it – to dump almost every point in Affliction. The only exception is Bane as I can still see faster SB being handy. However if 5 talent points need to be spent elsewhere then Grim Reach (2) and Fel Concentration (3) are the other option.

I suspect that the deep Afflict’s Haunt is a “to be tested” ability that I’ll have to learn to use. It appears useful initially and something that Shadow Priests might be able to comment about given they have a little shadow pet for mana return.

For leveling I’m not so sure, as Pet threat and a free Tank will be had to resist in Demo, but for long-ish fights in raids, this should be rather snappy.

2 thoughts on “Affliction Warlock Talent Build

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  2. I tried a new build for 80s that gives some damage increase from the destro tree and includes the buffs from the demon tree but still goes all the way to haunt.

    I may try this out and see how it works. I could be interesting. While playing with Haunt, I find myself with more life than before and my mana taps dont leave me vulnerable after 4 and 5 mob kills.

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