Mods down, Speed Up

I went through a few frustrating days of getting a wow warning, a huge warning screen right in the middle of my HUD, which distracts somewhat from the playing of the game. Basically I had too many mods and some were causing issues (apparently). The game would prompt asking me to “Disable” or “Ignore”.

Now I can just imagine the fubar that would occur by saying disable mods in the middle of an instance run.

Errrk, crash! Its Cartographer-GuildPositions who is one of the key problem mods! 1222 messages in 10 minutes of play. Bye bye Guild Pos.

So instead of playing on Thursday night, I went through my mod-list with a blowtorch. Basically removed them all, and added them back only when I thought I needed them. I went from 277 folders to 120, and that may seem a lot, but this is actually a listing of the directories, with many mods taking at least 3-5 directories. So really I went from about 55+ mods down to about 23.

The change removed the bitching from WoW, but had a side affect that my system seems to have sped up somewhat.

I did feel silly though this far from a major update that will break at least 2/3rd of the mods anyway, but you just can’t play the game when it whinges that the mods are in error. When WotLK and the patch 3.pfft hits I’ll be just like every other kid playing with a default UI while my computer frantically scans the web looking for updates. After a few years you get Zen about that, and only chuckle a little when all the mod websites get hit with the QQ storm.

Thank you to WoWmatrix for a tool that made it simple to update, and the Blizzard devs, who made the rule that your config settings are stored separately from the mod itself. That meant delete and re-install was a simple mater, rather than re-config of everything. And thank you to writers of these mods, without you guys, I’d be far less happy.

If you’re curious, the list is:

  • ArkInventory
  • Atlas
  • Auctioneer
  • Bartender
  • Buffalo
  • Cartographer
  • ChatBar
  • Classloot
  • ClosetGnome
  • DruidTips
  • EquipCompare
  • FuBar
  • Necrosis
  • Omen
  • PallyPower
  • Pitbull
  • Postal
  • Postman
  • Quartz
  • Recount
  • RicoMiniMap
  • WHDB
  • ZOMGBuffs