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Looking about for Ret builds there are many options. So in keeping with experimentation, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. The usual warning about trusting the Internet should apply here too.

Go read the abilities and make up your own mind. I’m sure that during play we’ll find an optimal mix, or not have realised some micro affect.

Here is a Ret build for a level 70 [0/6/55]. And why…

Edit: As 3.1 is fast approaching, consider this spec out of date. I’m sure the basics will be ok, but I’m not claiming this is accurate anymore.

Holy = 0 pts

– Snuff said, nothing in the early tree that is as good as other items in Ret or Prot.

Prot = 6 pts

– I like Blessing of Kings [1] so much that I think its a must have.

– Divine Strength’s [5] increase is a huge win for Ret.

Ret = 55 pts

-Deflection gets [0] as you’re a plate wearing damage machine. Expect to get hurt and don’t whine about parry.

– Benediction [5] because so many of the powers later in the tree are Instant. This will help with long fights, or when you are looking to chain pull, or pull by mistake.

– Improved Might [2] because more AP is happiness.

– Heart of the Crusader [3] as the buff helps your party kill as well.

– no points in Improved Judgements [0] as yet, as I wanted the points for deeper powers. This could be the first real mistake, but I’ll wait and see.

– Vindication [0] as this debuff is not as good as points else where, but something to maybe come back to; especially when considering that the later abilities may allow this to affect multiple targets. I don’t trust anything that says “a chance” without qualifying it. I have a chance to win at the casino, but it still feels like idiot tax to me.

– Conviction [5] increases crit potential for spells and hits. Must have.

– Seal of Command [1], if you dont have this, you’re not Ret.

– Persuit of Justice [0] looks like a PvP ability, so pass.

– Eye for an Eye [2] as its a way to return the pain to the mob that hit you, and 20% is much better than the crappy 1/2/3% or 2/3/6% to undead offered by Crusade. Mobs will hit you, and will crit you, especially while soloing, but doing an extra 1-3% on damage is fishy.

– Sanctified Seals [3] is habdy as it stops the Seals being removed, and also adds to your Crit across the board.

– Crusade [0], see Eye for an Eye above. At this level the 5 pts can be spent elsewhere.

– 2H Weapon Spec [3] is key as you’ll be swinging a 2H weapon, and 6% on every attack is significant, especially when there are not as many things to purchase at this tier.

– Sanctified Ret [1] increases the damage by everyone who is affected by the Ret aura by 2%. Handy but not mandatory for a level 70.

– Divine Purpose [0] reduces the chance you’ll get hit by range spells and range weapons. Hmm, this also looks to be PvP, so I’m thinking here is where you could flip some points around to suit.

And for the rest of the Ret tree, fill it up! All the end abilities look great to me for killing mobs. Except that you’ll be a point shy of max in Sheath of Light.


(a) If you solo and won’t group much, then consider dropping Divine Storm, and adding the point to Sheath of Light. Why? For single mobs its just another strike, and the healing will be unnoticeable when solo. And the extra 10% of your AP converted to spell power will make a difference on every damage cast.

(b) Skip Kings in the Prot tree. That gives back 1 pt. I like kings for groups, when you might have a mix of folks and the Kings buff is handy. However given that you might have a Prot pally in there, they’ll have Kings covered.

(c) Improved judgements may prove to be vital, but I don’t know yet. If that will increase the dps significantly, then its worth taking points from elsewhere.


7 thoughts on “Ret Paladin Build

  1. Interesting build but I normally put points in Eye for an Eye with I plan to PVP alot. I would put those points in Crusade. imho.

  2. Not that I don’t appreciate your frank opinion, but you could put in a tad more detail or link a build?

    Also consider that it was written 17 days before you found it, and there have actually been opportunities to play and learn.

  3. This build is pretty good, tested it out a little bit in Black Temple.
    Still, it seems stupid but, SoC is not that good as you think it would be.
    Seal of the Crusader is better imo, faster swings = more DPS, especially when your attack speed is 3.40 without it.
    Then also there is Improved Seal of the Crusader, which gives you +3% Critical Strike rating when your SotC is on.

    But the rest seems sweet, good job on the build.

  4. 3% damage increase in all case, 6% increase in most cases just from 3 talent points is a far greater gain then a pure PvP talent that deals 20% of each crit taken back to the caster.

    This is for smacking that lock in the face, not for dealing sustained PvE damage

    The rest of the build is pretty standard, though don’t forget that your one point in BoK gives a 2% all stats buff, as you must then sink 4 into the other 8% talent “Improved BoK” to make it a cumulative 10%.

    Here’s a decent PvE-only lvl 70 Ret build with the new 3.0.3 nerfs taken into effect. Obv, on your way up to 80, finish off Divine Strength, then sink the last 9 into whatever suits you. I would move my toon a bit more towards PvP with Pursuit of Justice, Divine Purpose in the Ret tree, and Guardian’s Favor, and Stoicism in the Prot tree– but that’s just me.

    If I was really going to focus on PvP, I would probably also take Deflection over Benediction, but again that depends on how fast Blizz bumps Pallies back up to 25% base mana recovery from BotW. We shall see.

    Build link:

  5. This is my current build at lvl 80, this build is the ultimate in RAID utility as well as DPS, I use this build and I am consistently top 3 in both damage and healing in 10 man content, on certain bosses I beat the healers. The downside to this build is that it is definately NOT a PvP build, nor is this build optimal for soloing. Also this build incorporates seal of command which some ppl argue is irrelevant now that everyone gets martyr/blood, but when ur in 25 man loatheb and your healers and yourself can only heal once a minute, seal of emo aint terribly helpful.

    Well thats my shpeel, here is the tree

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