Musings on SPriests

In selecting the winning toon to level to 80, I’m doing some runs with each to see what they are like.

This will tell me which is more viable and fun for my playstyle. Here are my musings on Shadow Priests using the current (soon to be re-worked) talents and specs.

Caveat – I know its all about to change, this will be useful to act as a comparison after the “v3.whatever” patch is made live. Go read Dwarf Priest for a great summary.

This post is based upon a run through regular Bot, with a set of random PuG’ers. Unsurprisingly I found the shadow performance lacking. Yes, that might be tank related, threat capped, or a myriad of other things; thats my point – the experience is typical of what I have seen while running other toons, and also typical of what the forums and rants say about S-Priests

We ran Bot with a Pally Tank, x2 Mages, x1 SPriest (me), and a Shaman healer. I am level 70, and most were 66-68. The two mages were 66 and 70, and they were both able to out DPS me consistently. The 70 mage had slightly better gear, maybe +75 ish more damage, and the other mage had gear slight worse than mine.

Bot is a place that is well suited to AoE, and having a pally tank meant that the mages were able to go nutty with AoE damage. I get that, its not a fair comparison really. However if I had taken an equally geared Warlock I’d have made absolute paste of the mobs, giving the Mages a run for their money.

How do I know that? My main is a Warlock, and I remember at least keeping up in runs, especially where aoe was involved.

Top dps’er did 31% of the damage, and I did the lowest at 20%. The prot pally did more on 22%, and the next mage did 25%.

So a 66 level mage in worse gear was able to provide better overall damage to the run, compared to a 70 SPriest. *cough* *cough* The 70 mage was in front on damage easily, every time. It seemed they were sometimes not even trying, but still getting up there on damage.

–> So what does this mean?

The DSP Priest is on hold till he can be re-tested in v3. If all that is viable in comparison to other similar range DPS classes, then the Priest will drop from the selection pool.

– I need to really concentrate when playing Shadow, as the optimal dps is sometimes not optimal for the group. i.e. I can DoT all the mobs, but that might make the Tank’s job hell; and no way in hell I’m going to upset the tank.

– I like a challenge.

– I have some significant learn’n to do. After this run I re-jigged my build to help remove the threat cap I was seeing. I am now also saving SW:Pain for only particular pulls where tab switching is viable.

– I expect the addition of the AoE ability in the new v3 will make a huge difference. As a Warlock I know the value of a few good DoTs, but nothing says “pain-mode” like AoE damage. Its handy, affective, and altogether satisfying. I suspect SPreists everywhere will be having a post-AoE smoke to maximise the feeling of joy.

Bring on WoW v3. I want it now.

2 thoughts on “Musings on SPriests

  1. This was very similar to my experience in Blood Furnace comparing my spriest against a lolsmiter 2 levels higher. He was doing almost twice my DPS!

    Sure some was the level difference and he had about +100 more damage, but twice my DPS? We were both tabbing and appling SW:P about the same, i’m pretty sure the difference was the crits. He had higher spell crit largely because of talents, and he was using Smite + Holy Fire which are critable and I was using Mind Flay (no crits), Mind Blast (crits but 6s cool down) plus Vamp Touch (no crits).

    I believe the crit issue is being at least partially resolved in v3, but i’m not inspired enough to return to Shadow and “maybe” do decent DPS and heal worse than my current disc/holy build.

  2. Indeed they dps is supposed to be addressed. This quote from a Blue in the patch notes.

    Yes, Shadow should do the same dps as other specs and classes, provided you have similar gear and skill. Replenishment is considered a buff just like all the other buffs. Its one exception is that having more than one in the raid can stack (= means that more than 10 people in the raid can benefit from replenishment) to some extent.

    Now do you believe that; or believe the stats coming from the test tools like SimulationCraft?

    I’ll take SimulationCraft every day of the week, and it says that Shadow is the best of the 3 types of Priest, but still horrible and the lowest DPS, by a mile.

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