Authenticator Postage Update

The postage fees for shipping to Australia have been decreased significantly (down to $20 USD), and I have ordered 3x authenticators. We’ll see in the next week or so how fast they arrive, and if its worth it.

I ordered 3 as I expect to offload the two spare units to people in Adelaide. Now waiting for the postie.

Also check out: PvE Raid based Arenas, and MMO Champion’s Raid Composition tool. Good distractiosn from whatever you’re supposed to be doing.


2 thoughts on “Authenticator Postage Update

  1. Mine took about 10 ish days I still don’t have it in my hands as I got it delivered to my mums as they dont del to Po Boxes – and my work would not be impressed if I got stuff delivered there – None of my RL friends showed any interest and most were like huh? whats that? so I only got one..

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