Character Dilemma

I have a new, exciting, and vey frustrating dilemma: Which character to level first to 80 in Wrath.

Damn its hard, 4 toons, 1 well geared, 1 reasonable, and 2 new 70s. The expansion offers the opportunity to level without there being a gear unbalance, and change my selection of “main”.

Currently I’d say Warlock is my main, if only because he has the best gear of the four. But then I’ve been spending serious hours on my Paladin as Tank and its really starting to show. But then I got distracted by Druid and Priest, and found that things in those new classes were advantageous and interesting. The dilemma is made worse because the two new classes might be interesting only because they are new.

The choices are:


For: High damage output, pets for soloing, some benefit to groups, wipe recovery 1/hour, only one gear set needed.

Against: Squishy, no stealth/mob avoidance, being silenced makes you useless, multi-mob encounters can be tough.


For: Plate wearing, 3 hybrid roles, bubble and run, good burst healing, AoE tanking, multi-mob encounters are ok,

Against: Multipe gear sets, hybrid roles require full respec, can’t kill quickly unless Ret.


For: High damage, 4 hybrid roles (melee dps, heal, tank, range dps), stealth,

Against: Gear sets for each role,


For: Very good healing, reasonable damage, 2 roles, Shadowform is cool,

Against: Squishy, no stealth, no wipe recovery, being silenced makes you useless,

My plan is to play each of them solo and do some questing. For each I’ll watch how easy it is to get groups, complete quests, and generally survive and prosper in WoW. Part of what I wish to consider is what I’ll bring to my Guild in the expansion too, but that is secondary at the moment. This might be the best time to experiment with a comparison, being that  many players are also playing a round on alts. I’ll get to see how players run characters when they are slightly less proficient, and watch to see the differeneces in thier class too.

Lastly as a sidebar: Why on earth does the LFG tool not allow me to flag for multiple characers? It would be so good to mark what I’m after on each toon, then grab the first group for any of it. Sheesh.