EgoP hates Warlocks. Good.

Did you know that Hannalore at Egotistical “hates” Warlocks; but in a good way imho. She hates us soul drinkers because we are selfish, evil, and a bit emo. Heeeeellllllooooo, its called Warlock!

To get even close to the Uber-Emo meter they would have to introduce an undead black-tinted fallen hero, who struggles daily with the path between good and evil. And thats not going to happen, not for weeks yet.

If you hate Warlocks Hanna, I can’t wait to see what you make of Death Knights. I love the haters, it pisses them off.

A few Warock powers get a mention, and the anti-Fear banner is dragged yet again into the post. My advice, get used to fear. Its staying and if you don’t like it go get one of the many trinkets, buffs and items that make it easy to counter-act. Fear is no longer the “I WIN” button it was 2 years ago.

My post on her blog went like this, and it kinda sums it up.

You hate us Warlocks? C’mon think logically; we are the shadowy reflection of Priests and Mages, you should love us as it keeps your position in the Light so clear. Without us to demonstrate corruption, you would be tempted to walk that path.

I play a Warlock regularly and I love it. I also love ANY healer who will top me up with health after a pull, or during a long fight. I don’t expect it, but it makes a hug difference.

Understand that as a Warlock one of my jobs is to watch the healer. The Mage is there to pure DPS and has sweet stuff all to offer a healer apart from sheep and a bit of freezing. A Warlock brings a diversity of Fears, pets and pure damage soak that can really help the squishy healers. Warlocks can take hits harder than most Priests, and I often keep an eye on the healer and pick-up mobs that target them. Sometimes its not worth the Tank’s attention.

eg. Brewfest Boss. Those ads are easy to kill, and the Tank should not bother. The DPS should assign one and maybe a back-up to deal with them, and destroy them. Burn them.

I also find it funny that you dislike a class that walks in the Shadow path. The SPriests and Warlock have a wonderful synergy together. Extra mana vulnerability, with a Curse of Elements, and mana return is a combo for happy dps. Add a Boomkin buff or a Mage and you’re looking at good times

“Warlocks do tend to be the most insufferable players” – Go watch a bad Hunter for 30 minutes and tell me that again. Warlocks might be easy to do badly, we are very hard to do well. The ones that are considered OP are the ones who have mastered the class.

Given how much Fear-Nurfing has occurred, and how much is coming in Wrath; Warlocks will not be the problem they were 2 years ago. Everyone should get past the Fear-Nurf-Bat and take a look at stuns and silences. Including the Priests.

Now go forth and hate another class, lets keep the cycle of discontent flowing. Or go cry in the corner listening to Robert Smith, I can’t decide, but then I’m a Warlock.