Hunter just need Healing

Reading the upcomming changes, it seems all classes are getting adjusted. As you’d expect. However there is one class that seems to be getting a heck of a lot of love, and very little in the way of downward adjustment. Hunters.

Dps when solo, dps in arena, dps in raids, battlegrounds, etc. Crowd control in many ways, and one of the best aggro dumps in the game, which doubles as a free “oh shit” button when a wipe is occuring. Mana return, so minimal down time, stuns, the list goes on.

Then we see that they’ll be able to Tank!

So all Hunters need is to be able to heal and their “false hybrid” role will be complete. Tank, dps, heal; c’mon you know it would be great. And think about how much less QQ’ing we hear from all the other classes, as they’ll not be needed anymore.

World of HunterCraft – its the next gen mmo that blizzard are creating.

LFG: Hunter LF 3 hunters and any getto healer class

If you didn’t like healing why roll anything else?

8 thoughts on “Hunter just need Healing

  1. Hunters in arena aren’t looking too hot honestly, the new Aspect of the Viper is… really, really making arena difficult for hunters.

    I dunno, I haven’t really been keeping up (guess I should, since I have both Beta and two 70 hunters now?) but last I heard a few weeks back, we just got hit with the nerf bat, hard, with a ton of talents getting nerfed, and a lotta hunters were planning on rerolling. Has the hunter pendulum swung upwards again? (Me, I’m sticking to my hunters regardless of what happens.)

  2. Hunters think a Nerf Bat is an exotic pet.

    Seriously, to be a high dps hunter previously they needed to have a clue about shot rotation and what was best taking into account the speed of your bow/gun. Now all they need to do to come second to the locks is spam steadyshot.

    And if hunter pets will be able to tank similarly to how they could previous to TBC (Pet tanking ZG anyone?) then Mend Pet ftw! Shame they changed it from allowing +heal gear to affect it 😉
    There pets actually do need to be able to tank as hunters are a ranged class that can be deadzoned unlike Warlocks who can still at least cast in melee.

    Feign Death and Vanish aren’t the auto get out of wipe free cards they used to be – generally it’s only the last person to vanish/feign that survives.

    Warriors on the other hand have been debuffed pretty much every patch. They have gone from being the primary taking class to a secondary tank class that you only dust off when all you need is a single target tanked.

    Thankfully Rogues are left mostly alone. Probably due to the fact that they have 3 trees that are all about 1 role – dps.

  3. “Seriously, to be a high dps hunter previously they needed to have a clue about shot rotation and what was best taking into account the speed of your bow/gun. Now all they need to do to come second to the locks is spam steadyshot.”

    Yes, and it’s really annoying =/ I miss my shot rotations.

  4. I was being sarcastic – and the real point was hit by Rakarth. Hunters have no idea what a nurf really is. Plainly I am jealous. Warlocks and Paladins have been mucked around with very often, all in the name of “balance”. The crying over fear was immense, but then every damn trinket in the game seemed to dispel it. But I have not seen significant permanent change to the Hunter class, despite them being very viable in a multitude of places.

    The solution – bring other classes up to that proficiency too. Shadow Priests need more to offer a groups, and Paladins need to be able to dps and do their other roles. Warlocks could use some pet love which has recently been handed out to Hunters, and could also have some useful spells added to our end game. There are spells that Warlocks have, that form no part of our regular use, and were quested to get that are useless.

    My own QQ.

  5. I dunno, it is hard for me to tell what is sarcasm and what is not, when even hunters can’t decide whether they are currently being nerfed or buffed in beta =P I’ve heard so many different things lately my head is spinning.

  6. All I know is that the itemization screwage that druids are getting is a serious nerf to druid tanking. And I HATE dpsing. I want to tank, damn it!

  7. Got a comment today from a workmate who implied that I hate Hunters. Not true.

    I hate bad players, passionately.

    I see a lot of Hunters who cannot justify the stupid mistakes they make. There are also Warlocks, Pallys, Druids, etc… that all do this. I just wish they’d re-roll in another game.

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