Review a WoW Character

Many times I’m trying to dig for information about a toon, and either the WoW Armory is slow, or I need different information. Some of the services are L70 only and others are infrequently down. Its odd.

Q. So how do you find good data and comparison information on characters?

A. You click and bookmark these babies. Here is a list of sites that I use to check builds, reps, etc.


Quick Armory gets my top vote for rapid profiling. Basic stats without clicks, mouseover details, and some simple rep info.

Armory Lite is a very very close 2nd place. Same info, a tab layout that folks might prefer, and a choice of white or black skin.


WoW Heros is the pick of the bunch. Such a good layout they should be rewarded.

BeImba is good, and has some useful advice. But its 70 only.

Warcrafter is handy, but damn busy.

Getting Gear

Kaliban’s Loot List has been around since the Ark, and is still useful for folks leveling and early raids.

Free With Mats allows you to publicise your crafting skills and find crafters.

Lootables is sworn by a mate of mine, but I find it confusing. Its a quick path into gear searches.


MaxDPS is useful for build advice, but honnestly its an information resource for those guys looking to gain real heavy duty stats. Light-headed folks like me find it full on.

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  1. Thanks for the “Free With Mats” website. Actually I had been looking for such addon without luck but you helped me 🙂

    I can add the Rawr application. Its a bit similar to MaxDPS but does some more calculations to find the perfect gear-match for your char:

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