3 Stories, 1 Night, Much Swearing

A few days ago I had a day of WoW that was like playing Snakes and Ladders. Here are the three stories that made up another “learning experience”.

Story One: The BF PuG that couldn’t.

Cast: My Tankadin, Hunter-1, Huntard-2, SPriest-DC, Priest-Heals, Mage-Gone.
Started the night with a Heroic BF run.
– I pop into LFG and get messaged to see if I’m a tank and up for a BF run. Well as its the daily, so of course I say I’m keen, and I join group.
– Upon join we have Tankadin, 1x Hunter and a Heal and Shadow Priest. For BF thats not ideal as they have reduced AoE, but thats not an issue if we keep on the game. Having me as AoE tank is the real cheat mode for BF, so we’ll be OK.
– We are one dps short, but that should be easy to fill. I jump into LFG and start looking.
– The Huntard says he needs 10 minutes before we start, and his mate will join us. OK, free DPS is good, and 10 minutes is not a train wreck.
– Leave LFG
– So we wait, the time passes and finally after 15 minutes we have a new player. A mage. Well he pops in, asks a few questions and we get rolling.
– Summon everyone.
– Summon one of them again, as they are not ready.
– Except the SPriest disconnects, so we wait.
– Then SP is back, so we zone in.
– And the SPriest disconnects, and we wait.
– All on, and buffed, so I check in chat that everyone is ready.
– OK good, mark, and first pull.
– Skull and X make a quick beeline for me and start swinging. Nobody else has moved, Hunter then sends in Pet and Mage starts damage. Healer does sweet fuck all, and I go down due to 2000, 2000, 6000, 2000, 2000, plus some other hits. Dead tank. Group makes for the door.
– Priest survives and we get res’ed.
– Take two is better, I use a Sheep mark and the Mage does a perfect sheep. We drop them no sweat.

Fast forward through more trash:
– check health/mana of team, mark, check ready, pull……dead. Slow heals, kills me, but not the group.
– Res and buff
– 3x set of trash go OK as *we* have learnt how to do this.
– And the SPriest disconnects.
– Mage goes AFK. Returns quickly though, and a few minutes are fine.
– Huntard Pet pulls an additional set of mobs….dead.
– Res and buff. mark, check, pull – success!
– Mage body pulls by running in the wrong direction, and dies.
– Wait…..Res, buff, mark; kill goes ok.
– check health/mana of team, mark, check ready, pull……dead. Slow heals, kills me, but not the group.
– Mage leaves group due to sick pet.
– Join LFG
– Huntard bring a friend, another Hunter.
– Leave LFG
– And the SPriest disconnects.
– Now I have two Hunters and a Priest for the run, and I’m less happy about the damage we can do.
– Mark next pull with two traps, tell them the pull, ready check, and Wait….
– Wait…..
– And then pull. Neither Hunter successfully traps anything, but one at least tries. Dead, run back.
– Take two of that pull I don’t mark anything and tank it all. Only the healer dies.

Boss time
– its goes well. Its a simple tank and spank, and I take no chances with aggro or heals using both Lay of Hands and a Mana pot to stay ahead of the screw-ups.
– Woot I have 1x badge.

– Next pull the Healer does not move with the rest of the group, and we die as he does not have LoS to us.
– I pull the network cable out of my laptop and go make a hot chocolate. That run is over.
– Reboot wow, login my Warlock.

Story Two – One Lucky Warlock.

Cast: The fantastic folks of Exile on Nagrand.

Is an impromptu hook into a Tempest Keep run that the guild were doing. My guild is way more advanced in progression that my toons, so I get to hear about the good stuff and very very rarely get to grab something from a run.

This night one of my good friends was going to sit our Voidreaver so I had a chance on the Warlock T5 shoulders. After dropping the pug quick smart, I flew over to TK and joined up.

Voidreaver is a pretty straight forward fight if you are ranged DPS.

– Avoid the huge glowing balls, as they will kill you.

– Watch to make sure you don’t run from one to another.

– Keep killing the boss, before he enrages. This is the tough one, and a fight where I think being Affliction rather than Destro would be a huge advantage.

The result was I stayed alive for the entire fight, and two sets of the T5 Shoulder token dropped for me, which means I have some lovely new gear to parade around in. Its actually a side grade from the Frozen Shadowweave, but I really like them.

Woot! No swearing.

Story Three – This is the True Lesson.

Back into Pugs, but this time on my Warlock as I was still avoiding logging on my Paladin in case some of the dead weight from the first story were still around.

This time it was a PuG for Heroic Slave Pens, where Quag’s Eye might drop.  After the morning pug I was not in the mood for stupidity, and we formed up at the stone and we started inspecting.

– Tank is a Warrior, and looks OK.
– DPS-1 is Hunter who also looks OK, and is of the same guild as the tank.
– DPS-2 is a melee Warrior who looks totally under geared.
– Healer is a Shaman who is looking very buffed and well geared.
– DPS-3 = me, who has gear more than capable for any Heroic.

– We enter, start buffing, and then ready check. Soul Stones, Cookies and all sorts of Pots used to make this a good run.
– And wait….and my mind goes nuts, I swear like a unholy bastard…but I wait. The Tank is not ready.
– Minutes pass with us chatting while we wait for the Tank, all happy and nice.
– Tank jumps up from sitting and then runs to the first mobs, pulling.
– Everyone but myself and the Hunter are left sitting, apparently also now AFK.
– Wipe, use SS, and also a few run back.

– Chat about it – wait for buffs, and the same pull is fine the 2nd time.
– Pack 2 is almost identical to pack 1, and we all look ready. Warrior pulls, Hunter MDs to the wrong Warrior, and we have a nice hard fight.
– Win, loot, move forward.
– Pull 3 is the Slaver with a few yellow ads , so we’re told to move back. We all move, and check ready.
– Tank runs forward, pulls and stands there; and does not move back.
– I swear, move forward to within Shadow Bolt range and start unloading.
– Nobody else moves, tank dies, I get crunched 2nd, and then the rest of the group.
– While running back I suggest this is not going to work, and say I’m out.
– Dumb arse Tank suggests that we might handle Heroic Ramps better; do we want to try that?
– I don’t stay to hear the responses, no way known.

Phantom Lesson: Don’t PuG. It was like playing with people who were only present half the time, and thats not a good experience.

Real Lesson: Get out fast if the group is struggling. Be polite, but get out. You only get a repair bill from helping under geared and poor players who won’t listen.


5 thoughts on “3 Stories, 1 Night, Much Swearing

  1. Same here Isisxotic. Sounds like you had a pretty rough night, PuG’s are kinda that way, you get a good one or you’re stuffed. At least you got some new gear.

    Good Post mate,

  2. Aye, PUGs suck. Luckily, we now have enough members in our guild that we seldom have to pug anything except for the odd 25-man run where we need a specific class.

    However, PUGs make for good stories, as you have just demonstrated 😉

  3. Sorry for your bad pug experiences 😦 Not all are like that thank god. I was lucky enough to pug into a Hyjall pug ran by one of the top guilds on our server and we downed 4/5 bosses with no wipes… didn’t want to push our luck on Archi.

  4. Yep, your real lesson is the valuable one. Don’t waste your time. Give the PUG a decent chance but after wiping on each of the three or four fights you have to think that it’s just not worth your valuable time.

    Having said that, at least 50% of PUGs I join do at least OK and some are near perfect.

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