Whats in a Name?

General Service Announcement: Don’t name your toons stupid things, you only look like a idiot.

There is a rule I’ve noticed about players and the character names they choose. Well not so much a rule, a theme, and it applies on every WoW server I’ve ever been on; PvE, RP, or PVP.

Those toons with 1337, stupid, or “self deprecating” generally are total wastes of bandwidth as players.

You’re part of that list if you:

– use the class, race, or general abbreviation in your name (Lolret for a Paladin, Healz for a healer class, etc).

– use an Internet meme (Urmom, Rofl, Chuknoris, etc..).

– add letters to your name to make yourself unique (Batmann, Thrallzzz, Deadlyrogueee).

– Using more than one or even one badly of the special letters (Fròdô).

Hopefully anyone readying this is saying “yup” and I’m preaching to the choir, but if not you should take advantage of the paid character name change, and scrape some pride back from the pixel toilet you’ve flushed your toon down.

If you are called something deliberately stupid, then I’ll treat you like you are a 5 year old.

Also when a toon named something generally not-stupid makes an error, you can just say whatever. When a toon named leetsaucz makes an error they fail in name as well so they look doubly stupid.

Note: To the asshat who kept sending invites to me, despite us talking and finding out that I am not a healer, that clever reference to your manhood…isnt.


2 thoughts on “Whats in a Name?

  1. I have to admit that I use that terrible ´ instead of a normal i in my name.

    It’s not volontary. When I changed server my name was occupied by a low level horde. And I couldn’t bare the thought of suddenly becoming someone else but Larisa. Larisa is Larisa, that’s who she is. I even ran a blog named Larisa’s corner at that time. That left me with no choice but to twist the name ever so little so it would be accepted.

    Please, forgive me, Typhoonandrew! I didn’t do it to annoy you.

  2. Heya Larisa – its not so much the odd use, but the toons that use them deliberately to make RogueKilla more hip.

    I have a buddy who had the same server transfer problem as you, and he’s got one.

    My peeve about them is that its such a mongrel to type when doing invites and checks on the Armory.

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