Blog Milestones and Lessons

Heya, a self indulgent woot to myself. WoW readers can slide down your feeder to the next post, nothing actually on wow or the beta to see here.

This is a short summary of stats to date due to reaching a milestone for the blog.

200 posts, with 291 comments. 37k visits, with less than half of them me (yuk, yuk, yuk). Thats not a lot in terms of the top blogs, but for an Australian rascal playing casually and blogging when I get razzed about something; thats ok.

The most popular post to date is still the Kara Class Requirements post, which is ironic as its an amalgamation of good work by other folks. The Omen2 rant (get it now), Downranking Paladin info, and Where to Farm Motes, all get good traffic every month. Recently my more passionate posts about Names and PuGs have had traffic, but perhaps thats due to folks liking to watch a car accident.

Blog has been around since Nov 2006. Considering that some of the months had 1-4 posts while I was away from WoW, 200 posts is well above what I anticipated. In fact I’m pleased to be doing it, and also pleased to be involved in the Blog Azeroth community.

Stats are such a wonderful thing

Stats are such a wonderful thing to value.

Blogging is still fun.

What have I learnt:

– People like images and layout (duh). They like posts that are written in full, and not just abbreviated. Content drives this stuff, and that the key reason I read so many blogs too. I have at least 50 in my reader related to WoW, and am always adding more.

– People like opinion and controversy. But they dislike a rant without outcome, and hate being sucked into a knee jerk reaction. I jest about Hunters, but I love a good Hunter. Its a class that I deeply respect when played well.

The future plans:

– Keep focused on Warcraft, but add some non-wow stuff like I used to. Movie reviews, comments on tech and toys, and maybe a little odd observation now and then.

– Don’t add ads, paid links, etc. All that stuff will make me feel obligated, and this is a hobby, not a job. I have a job as a PM and that’s plenty of stress.

– I still love World of Warcraft, so much that Warhammer and other games have basically no appeal. Another MMO like Champions or some such might be tempting, but Blizzard is still doing good work (despite being based around making Hunters easy mode….*cough*, I jest).

– Bring on Wrath of the Lich King. I wannntssss it, neeeeedssss it.

If you are reading, ta. If thats regularly, then my thanks are doubled. If you’ve read almost everything I’ve posted, then I apologise. More will follow.

3 thoughts on “Blog Milestones and Lessons

  1. Congratulations!
    I love opionon – I love rants – I love content. Images and layout isn’t that important to me to be honest. If a blog shows intelligence I’ll becoma a regular reader. Yours does.

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