Authenticator for sale in AU, LOL!

Got a comment from Cynra letting me know that Blizzard is now selling Authenticators to Aussies. I was ecstatic and signed up straight away.

– Blizzard Authenticator: $6.50
– Postage and handling: $77.81
– Overall cost: $84.31
– Feeling that you get: Ripoff.

What a total joke! I honestly had to look at the screen a few times to make sure I wasn’t being dumb. Then I took a look through the website for justification of price, or different shipping options….nothing.

Shipping an item to Australia does not cost $77.81, and they need to take a very good look at theselves. This is one of my first very bad experiences with Blizzard as a company, and I intend to make a stink about it.

They can take the delivery fee and post it to hell. Talk to me when you have a system that is not totally arse-backward.


  • Ebay postage to Australia is $22

9 thoughts on “Authenticator for sale in AU, LOL!

  1. With a max of three per purchase it makes it rather hard to try and get some friends together to share costs.. Damn it!
    Someone should import them

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  3. Holy moley! I hadn’t realized that there was such a difference, especially since I only checked out the link to make sure it existed. Yeouch!

  4. lol… yeah well.. that sucks…

    I guess they haven’t reviewed their courier charges in light of australia… that’s just… well… silly is the kindest word I can think of right now.

  5. A fellow named Chaintrap wrote a letter about the charges and method of packaging. What I find awesome is the amount of excess it took to trigger his reaction.

    Whilst the authenticator was priced at a mere £4.80, the postage and packaging was a far heftier £7.62 (including taxes).

    Um, try US$77 man. I’d pay 7 pounds, and keep the change.

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