Top 5 Cool Abilities

What 5 abilities, spells, affects, or powers would you like in real life.Silly I know, but so hard to answer.

If I could wave a magic wand, and have it grant a wish (please ignore the wish needed to get the magic wand and wishes in the first place), I’d say the list below. But really the hard thing is picking only 5? Sheesh.

1 – Invisibility

2 – Teleportation and Portals

3 – Divine Shield

4 – Mind Control

5 – Flight Form

Inspiration source was a true Blue post on the WoW forums. What are yours?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Cool Abilities

  1. 5. Conjuring Food and Water. In my books, Practical = Cool

    4. Feign Death. Just for the laughs, I’ll run up to a bunch of hoodlums and insult their mamas. FD, and watch them go “WTF YO, THAT BOY BE A DED MF’ER” and run off. Yay.

    3. Mirror Image. Triple the krizzly, triple the fun.

    2. Summon [ANYTHING]. I don’t care if it’s an imp, a water elemental, or heck, even a repair bot. However, if it were a succubus, I would probably end up staring the whole time.

    1. Tree of Life. Walk up to little kids and yell “OMG I’M A TALKING TREE.” watch them run away and go LMAO.

  2. 1. Invis
    2. Portals… to everywhere around the world
    3. Improved Counterspell (for the silence)
    4. Raise Dead (no not resurrect, raise the living dead)
    5. Distracting shot

  3. 1. Self Rez
    2. Water Walking
    3. Conjure Food and Water
    (did you see what I did there?)
    4. Water Breathing
    5. Portals

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  5. Jesus Gav! You think you’ve got the patience for some of that guy’s other exploits? hehe.

    Krizzly is right with feign Death – you could so have some fun with that.

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