Wrath Release Date Confirmed

Woot! 13th November 08 is the date (maybe).

*books annual leave*

*buys new track suit pants, 55 hot pockets, a small fridge, and two buckets*

WoW Head has a huge splash page saying that its a hard date; and thats great but also odd. The page they link to has no announcement, and you’d think that this would be linked to an email campaign or an official announcement. Maybe it got leaked, or maybe the guys at WoW Head are creating site hype.

I don’t know, but also I’m so stoked that the wrath of the lich king is now a close reality that I’m not bothered either. So much so that I’m seriously contemplating a long weekend about a week after release (week 1 of these things are always a mess, but the 2nd will be gold).

Read it here at WoW Insider, and they even have a raffle for a beta key. Thanks to 70 Tauren Warrior, who blogged this first.

*runs in small circles, mouth agape*

*drool, jump, jump, spin*


1 thought on “Wrath Release Date Confirmed

  1. Nothing’s confirmed until it’s on the official Blizzard pages.

    Whilst it appears that WoWhead jumped the gun on releasing a blizzard ad campaign, as of last night, CMs are still denying anything’s confirmed.

    That said, with the release of WAR this week, I’d expect an announcement soon.

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