New Warlock Pet Wishlist

Q. What if somebody gave me free reign to create some new Warlock Pets?

A. Demonology Warlocks would be so darn Pet focused that the Hunters would re-roll.

And here is why…


Appearance: Take the standard Bat model, make it nice and large, add a green flame affect on the eyes and wings, some nice fangs and a few spines,  then have it leave a really obvious trail of green wisps as it moves.

Goal: A pet that has a primary purpose to hinder others, and a limited defense ability.


– Swoop affect to get to a mob quickly and cancel the current action. Not a stun, but an interrupt.

– A screech like an owl to stun those within short range, but has a long cool down. Like the Tauren stomp that will help the Warlock get away from the nasty that is hurting him.

– Flame trail would do minimal damage to anyone who passes through it, or too close to the bat.

– Raid buff which assists with Spirit regen or Spirit buff.

Superior Voidwalker

Appearance: Take the basic Voidy, add some token shoulder, spine, head, and claw areas in grey/white, then cover it in purple and grey plates over the rest of the body.

Goal: Give the big blue blog a major upgrade in terms of armour and health, and set the guy tanking properly. Make this creature altogether tough against Shadow damage, but conversely not really able to affect Shadow creatures.


– Taunts as per now, but improved via increased threat generation from shadow potency.

– Remove the Sacrifice ability. Not needed in a Tank.

– Add a mana return ability much like Paladins when it get healed. To keep it casting when its mana pool runs low.

– Allow it to absorb damage from a target, like the Sacrifice pally ability. Good if you already have a tank, but they are a little under spec.

Abyssal Worm

Appearance: A bloated sweating, blotched skin, mount of wiggling fatty puss. No sensory organs, a huge mouth lined with tiny serrated teeth. Revolting sores and to move like a shambling caterpillar.

Goals: Something different that reflects the fact that all demons are not bipedal, don’t have wings, or are not particularly appealing. Could act as another range damage pet, but with a few multi-mob abilities.


– Cannibalize almost anything to recover health, by spewing bile onto it and sucking up the dissolving mass. An in combat and out of combat health regen.

– Disgorge tiny puss covered worms that crawl toward a target. Each is a mini-pet that targets a particular mob. Like the trees from healers, snakes from hunters, etc. Used to keep a mob busy for  short period of time as it swipes at them.

–  Vile Spew of acidic bile to all creatures in a cone affect.

– Detonate itself to apply a poison DoT damage all within a reasonable AoE.

– Raid wide increase to hit for both spell and melee.

Feline of Disaster

Appearance: A small black cat that follows the Warlock. Perhaps a red gleam in its eyes and a skittish nature.

Goal: The infernal familiar of a Warlock that binds as much of its power to the Warlock.


– Stealth when not in combat, and hasn’t attacked.

– Breath of Weakness to reduce strength and movement of a target(s).

– Gives an additional dodge bonus to the raid, and a base miss change on atacks made against the Warlock.

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