Slowing down? I don’t think so.

The hubub and rumor is that wow players, bloggers, and gamers in general are slowing down. Yup its true from what I’ve seen too. It looks almost like a general population drop on every server where my wow mates play. Kudos to Larisa‘s post on this for getting me into the topic.

Frankly this is good for me. I’m a casual and I’m now playing on a much more level playing field. Poor ubers don’t have time between fun runs and father’s day. Well I have the same amount of time, and I’ll be keeping a steady pace till the Wrath expansion.

Recruitment is back on most guild’s radar, as they keep number up for whatever run they’re progressing on. But this is not “an end of the world” issue. A large share of the players are taking only breaks, and even those folks who are saying “I’m done with wow” haveĀ  good chance of returning. This game is like icing covered smack delivered to your home by supermodels. Its hard not to look when they have something new, and you do remember the good old days all too well.

This does not have to be a fight, this can be embraced.

  • Farming just got way easier.
  • AH prices will now vary a lot more, making profit for the marketeers.
  • Folks are using a lot of alts, which makes lower level runs possible again, rather than only the heroics being viable.

Maybe some of the bad players are taking breaks too, as my last few pugs have been good. Granted some players are trying to extend themselves beyond gear, but the players are better.

I like it quiet, it’ll give me time to think and when the population springs back it will be exciting too.

3 thoughts on “Slowing down? I don’t think so.

  1. If you could only tick one thing off your list of “things to do before patch day”

    what would it be?

    I’d like to kill Illy Dan, or get my conqueror title,

    but mostly I think kill mr Dan.

    He’s got it coming!

  2. Hmm, thats a hard call. My short term goals are to:

    – Get two better trinkets for my Warlock.
    – Get exalted with Honor Hold on my Warlock, for the Subtlety enchant.
    – Get a great tanking leg item for my Paladin.
    – Learn as many of the recipes for all my toons as I can, before they become hard to get (who runs scholo these days for drops?).
    – Get my Druid to 70, and think about healing.
    – Get either my Priest or Mage to a higher level, 60 would be fine.
    – get the pvp one hand for my Pally.

    But an overall goal would be to see more content. I’ve only seen a tiny bit of the end-game, and I don’t want to miss out before it gets retired.

    See all of ZA, all of SSC, any of Mags, BT. I know I’ll not reach Sunwell, I’m too far behind the game.

  3. i’m getting ques to log in though sometimes if i log during peak – surely duel boxers arent taking that much space

    i thought people were slowing too,

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