Top 5 – Worst Tanking Mistakes

Rather than the worst ever, or even the worst I’ve seen; this is my personal list of screw-ups that I try to never do again.

  1. Pulling without or forgetting the Righteous Defense buff. This is a bad one, and now that OMGBuffs is in my mods this should never happen again. After this happened recently the Mage even commented that he must be doing ok as he was getting threat….um, ya, sorry.
  2. Forgetting to switch gear sets for a boss fight. Thankfully I’ve never been smashed, but I’ve had completely useless trinkets equipped in some fights. Trash sets tend to be geat for threat and HP but bad at keeping you alive in the long run (crit/crush).
  3. Not using Lay of Hands. Healer might be stunned / silenced / etc, and Pallys have a great recovery spell in Lay of Hands. Its on a very long timer, but it is fantastic for getting yourself a few extra moments alive. It also grants mana back too! I love this spell and hope they buff it more in Wrath.
  4. Not watching the squishies enough. I tend to watch the mobs in my face first, and the mobs we’re CC’ing second. But sometimes a mob gets past and will start wailing on a squishy. Not good, as they go down faster than Windows on a patch day. My plan for the future is to love the healers and squishies more and practice moving the camera around for a good wide view.
  5. Having the wrong Aura in use. This can easily happen, especially at the start of an instance or after a wipe. OMGBuffs nags about this too, and there is also a mod I use to warn when entering combat with Crusader active in big red letters.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 – Worst Tanking Mistakes

  1. 1. Done it.
    2. Yah, done it a couple of times on bosses. Also ended up tanking a couple in my DPS gear when the tank died.
    3. That’s a hard one to judge. I’ve died plenty of times when I was going for my LoH button however.
    4. I don’t CC for this reason amongst others.
    5. I’m crap at remembering this. Usually someone else in my group does though.

  2. Pulling without or forgetting the Righteous Defense buff.

    Ahh that explains why I pulled aggro in our first fight in HSP last night… I backed off after that, but the tank did mention forgetting the Righteous Defense, so maybe I should have ramped it up.

  3. Only no RF?

    My worst mistake:

    No righteous fury
    No mana for righteous fury
    No gear to use with righteous fury (dps gear + shield / tanking weapon)

    oh, and the healer had no mana as well…

    Somehow we survived 😛

  4. When I am tanking on Seph it’s quite tricky to see round her big furry butt so I make use of the flip camera option which is bound to my v key for long range type fights as well as just swinging the camera around using my mouse for closer range stuff.

    Of course if I’m trying to keep aggro on multiple mobs this tends to get a little challenging hehe.

  5. 1. Guilty time and time again. After weeks of hearing me complain about it, my husband wrote an addon for me that would flash a HUGE Righteous Fury icon that took up about 3/4 of the screen every time it dropped. I still miss it sometimes–for instance, after a wipe, but the addon has helped immensely.

    2. Guilty. Just last week in Hyjal, I threw on healing gear for a boss fight, and merrily jumped into the next trash wave still wearing it. Someone said on vent, “Um…are you still wearing your healing gear?” and about 15 seconds later, I was dead.

    3. Guilty. With a 1 hour cooldown, it’s hard to convince myself that NOW is a desperate enough time to use it.

    4. Not guilty, but on the flip side, I sometimes annoy the other tanks because I’m a little too trigger-happy on my taunt. I’m constantly watching to see if a mob is getting away from me–if something starts moving out of my nice little group, I taunt it back to me almost instantly…even if it was a bored tank picking up a mob after his own went down.

    5. Guilty. Switching to ZOMGBuffs has stopped me pulling with Crusader Aura on, but I still forget to switch resist auras on and off for specific fights.

    Then I’ve got to add my own:
    6. Pulling with no mana. My DPSers get used to a certain amount of burst threat at the beginning of a pull, and I can’t seem to hammer it through my skull that if I only have enough mana to body pull and rank 1 consecrate, I need to WARN THEM first. They open up, and within seconds a squishy is dead because I don’t have enough mana to taunt.

  6. The other day I forgot to equp my shadow gear at the start of the Azgalor fight 😛

    Lols tho, I have seen em all, but always from 2 steps back and one step out, since I’m a mage and all.

    Not having the correct gear equipped when the boss is pulled is a universal one though I think 🙂

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