Safari search plug-in for Armory

If you are an Armory fiend take a look at the World of Warcraft Armory site, as it contains plug-ins for the popular browsers (IE7, FF, Opera). This dandy little page explains how to make profiling a player or guild a lot faster by adding an Armory search into your web browser. Funky.

However as a Mac and Safari user, I found it odd that Safari didn’t have an option on Blizzard’s Armory site.

So like any ranty geek that I am, I mucked about till I had one. Below you’ll find instructions for getting the awesome auto-search mechanism in Safari.

Install steps for Safari

1) Grab the Inquisitor plug-in for safari. You will love me forever (yes you will) if you are a Safari user who is not also using this cool search plug-in. The v3.2 is worth updating to if you’re using an older version, and you’ll need it to do the rest of the steps.

2) In the Safari Prefs, click Search.

3) Check the “Display links to additional search engines” check-box.

4) Click the “Edit Sites” button.

5) Enter an obvious name like “WoW-Armory” in site name.

6) Enter “” in the URL.

7) hit “Done”, and close the Prefs screen.

What I love is that this works for tons of other search tools too. The magic is that any website you want to create one of these just grab the search URL of the result, take out the term used in your search, and add in “%@”.

Some other examples are:
4 Hour Search = “”
Armory Lite = “”
Internet Anagram Server = “” (for cheating to solve crosswords and 9 letter jumbles)

The only limitation of this I have found is it needs to be a single word phrase to do this simplistic substitution. I suppose you could alter the rest of the search string for the Armory example to limit to¬† Guilds, or Toons, etc, but then you’d need to create a separate custom search for each type of search you’d like to do.