Sometimes the customer is Wrong.

I wish I could be as blunt to my clients as Zarhym is here. He showed restraint, humour, and class.

Poster: Elânor at 2008-08-26 19:44:54
Subject: Hey blues

Instead of spending all this time locking threads why don’t you guys go help the people working on the servers and do something productive and earn your salary. You board N.A.Z.I’S

Poster: Zarhym at 2008-08-26 20:05:52
Subject: Re: Hey blues

Q u o t e:
Instead of spending all this time locking threads why don’t you guys go help the people working on the servers and do something productive and earn your salary. You board N.A.Z.I’S

The length of your suspension directly correlates to the lack of common sense demonstrated in this post.
The status is not quo…

The OP’s comment is akin to the classic line to the police, “why aren’t you out solving real crime?”. Which I am sure the cop is thinking at the same time.

I am so impressed by the restraint shown by the CMs to posts like this. Bravo Blizz forum guys. In an ideal world the ban would also include an enforced inability to use the internet, so fools like that can’t spread their stupidity elsewhere (in fact chemical sterilization would be mandatory for this clown in my facist benevolent dictatorship).

These community managers have the unenviable task of being on the front line between the players and the developers. They might often not be able to give answers, have to tow the company line, and even be terse in response to normal enquiries. At the end of the day these are people, and they deserve as much respect as anyone else.

Consider how bad the community would be, and the quality of the responses if the OP was the CM….ya, it would be a shamble.

Here is a short game – The Human Quality Test.

a) Watch how the people around you treat the service staff. The girl at the drive through, the doorman on the building, the guy who works at the cafe around the corner, and even the checkout chick at the supermarket. All of them; just watch the interaction.

Are they polite, rude, approachable, generous, intolerant, superior, etc? You should watch your workmates, bosses, spouse, partner, children.

b) Then take stock of the person/people you were watching. Are they generally polite, watchful, rude or short? Educated, informed, irrational, or arrogant. Anytime they are dealing with a situation of pain, or where they are trying to ask for something will be very insightful. The more they value the experience the better.

c) Then consider what would happen if the roles were reversed. Or if that was you being treated badly.

It is my hypothesis that the folks who are rude or otherwise not fun to deal with are exactly the type of people who could not stand to do the very job they give a hard time. In particular I’ve seen people who are usally nice treat service staff like dirt, and then later over a longer period learnt that the person is actually pretty selfish.

So the way your boyfriend treats the waiter on your 10th date might be an indication of how he’d treat you 10 months into marriage. Let alone 10 years.

We are all customers at some time, and all have to service customers at others – its called a culture; and I’d prefer to only interact with people who have some.

Thanks to BlueTracker‘s feed for this gem.

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  1. Bravo! I stopped reading the official forums quite some time ago due to the prevalence of trolling on them. However, seeing blue posts like that make me want to put the CM’s on my Xmas list.

    And your personality game is an amazing insight into human behavior. For the most part, people who are rude in a fast food restaurant tend to be asshats in general, even though they may put on a good face for their co-workers.

    I worked in fast food through high school, and we had a fun game we played with the rude customers. We didn’t do anything to their food, we didn’t get rude back, we just conveniently moved their order slip to the end of the line every time they opened their mouths (remember, this was before computers took over the world. At that time, we had a spinner between the front line and back line that held the order slips). There were several times that I managed to make customers leave without their order by doing this. Was it right? Probably not. But neither was getting an attitude with high school kids that are doing a job they can’t stand so they can make some gas and date money.

    That’s the other thing to remember. Fast food employees have absolutely no incentive to be fast, courteous, or industrious. Most of the time they are there because it is the only job available to them due to age, education, or their situation. And management isn’t really interested in giving them motive, because they have dozens of applicants just waiting for a call if they need to replace someone.

    Oops, sorry for going off topic…

  2. Awesome response and I wish those GMs and forum moderators would listen occasionally.
    Feel free to check out my blog at World of Warcraft Blogger and pass on any suggestions you may have 🙂 I would love a link in your blogroll if you like the blog 🙂

  3. Glad this post struck an accord with you guys. I’ve done a fair few “low end” jobs too, and have to say that anyone who made my day better usually got extras or better treatment.

    I especially like your story Evil Sheep, as it turns the “spit in their burgers” story around to an ending that keeps the right people happy, without being nasty.

  4. Man… I could go on, and on about customer service stories… but for some reason I feel obliged to relate one from the other side.

    Worked with someone, otherwise nice hippy caring etc. but she would crack it if someone wouldn’t first say “Hi how you going”, or respond to her question of the same nature.

    Thing was our objective was to serve these customer in under 30 seconds – they didn’t have time, neither did we… but if this staff member didn’t get a “hello” or “good thank you”, the customer paid.

    Err, yeah, so back on topic (sorry just had to get that out), that was a great response.

    As an old boss used to say… it’s not about sending someone to hell, it’s about sending them on the way thinking they are enjoying the journey

  5. Reminds me of that Daniel Tosh bit…

    “How many of you have never worked in food service? Raise your hand if you’ve never in your life waited tables.

    You people are assholes.”

    It blows my mind what a feeling of entitlement is present in our culture. So many people seem to think that because there’s someone around who’s paid $7 an hour to smile and not talk back, that they’ve got full license to be as rude and messy as they please. What always gets me is the people who don’t throw away their trash at a fast food restaurant or movie theater. The movie theater especially–there’s always a trash can right outside the door to the theater. How hard can it possibly be to carry a paper cup 20 feet, when you’re already walking that way anyway?

  6. Having been on the end of a customer service phone line for a number of years I have to agree with some of what’s said about how people interact with people paid to do that. We also have a face to face service and people are a lot different in person than they are over the phone.

    I’m not rude, though I will speak up if the service is crap, but the person I speak to will be the supervisor/manager not the shop floor guy.

    That being said there are a lot people in Customer Service jobs that who just don’t deliver customer service and still get paid for it. I don’t care if someone is paid $7 an hour or $50, they should still do the job they are being paid for or just go home and let the goverment pay them to do that.
    The number of times these days I go into a cafe and see a ‘tips’ jar on the counter and the wannabe barrista behind the counter expects me to put money in there and when I don’t I get the evil stare. But I say what has this person done that warrants me paying more than the sticker price? Nothing. He’s been pleasant and given me a coffee which, if I have enough milk and sugar in it, is moderately drinkable. In other words, he’s done exactly what his boss is paying him for.
    If he does it well I might go back, if he doesn’t heck there’s plenty of places that sell crappy coffee.

  7. I worked in fast food when i was in college. I’m not gonna say where it was because im sure that all of these restaraunts aren’t like this, but in my experience it is definitely smarter to be nice to the person behind the counter. I remember one lady who ended up with a burger that my buddy wiped his ass with. The worst part was she ate it in the restaraunt in clear view…:( anyway those people arent there because they want to be, and most of the time they dont care if they stay, so if your going to be rude to someone, dont bite the hand that feeds ya.

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